Windows 7 Build 7070 Is Live (Leaked Screenshots)

windows 7More crumbs from the Windows 7 Release Candidate branch development are now available with the leaked screenshots for Build 7070. As Microsoft is making headway with the development of its next iteration of the Windows client and server platform, the translucent communications lid continues to be set firmly in place, in accordance with the new policy for sharing Windows development process details imposed by Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president, Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group.

And while the Redmond company has indeed opened up on some aspects of the engineering process and changes from Beta to RC, fact is that juicy details such as information related to the actual builds themselves became available to the public only through leaks.

The Windows 7 development milestones have reached Build 7070, as you can very well see from the screenshots included with this article, courtesy of Facepunch. The full build number, namely 6.1.7070.0.winmain.090324-1853, reveals that this release of Win 7 was compiled on March 24, 2009, just a few days after Windows 7 Build 7068.

Last week, Shinobu Takahashi, developer evangelist, Microsoft Japan, managed to share screenshots of Windows 7 Build 7068, the Japanese localized flavor, with the public. The full build number 7068.winmain.090321-1322, points to March 21 as the date when the code was wrapped up.

At this point in time, Microsoft has failed to comment in any way on the leaked information and screenshots associated with Windows 7 Builds 7068 and 7070. Still, even official company channels are no stranger to leaks, with TechNet having published the download page for Windows 7 Release Candidate recently, revealing that the bits will be made available for download next month, May 2009.

However, so far, the software giant is hard at work producing Windows 7 RC-branch builds at high pace and getting closer and closer to the Release Candidate launch.

windows 7 build 7070
windows 7 build 7070
windows 7 build 7070
windows 7 build 7070


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