Top 10 Reasons Why Men Need Women in Their Lives

It is a universal truth that men cannot express themselves freely, the way that women do!  They need people in their lives to complete them but, their ego won’t allow them to say it loud. It feels manlier to them when they say they are pretty fine on their own. A woman is a very important person in a man’s life and vice versa. A man may never accept this but, to battle his life he needs the support of a woman.

men need women

1. Need for Companionship

A man has a lot to say but, he might not say it every day. He feels lonely but he won’t really admit it. A woman fulfils this need of a listener and companion by being there for the man whenever he needs her. She listens to him patiently without interrupting his thoughts. She will advise you when you need it. She will not throw herself on you if you don’t wish to. But she will hold your hand and be there when you really need her without expecting anything and giving all that she can.

2. To Be Looked After

Men need to be looked after, nurtured as they say. They know everything that is there in the financial diary but, they won’t know most things written in the book of life. Emotions, Social habits etc. are all areas where the man needs his woman to help him deal with. They love depending on their woman even if they won’t like saying it aloud.

3. To Support the Man at all Times

A man maybe the breadwinner of the household but, it is the woman who actually helps him achieve that. She gives him tremendous support, loves him unconditionally, allows him to vent out his frustration on her and finally makes sure he is fine physically and emotionally all the while. When the man grows old the woman in his life ensures that he still gets the bread toasted and buttered. She will make sure that he takes his medicines on time. On a crisis day, she will go out of her way to find help. Woman in all ways is indeed a life support system to the man.

4. To Make the Man Feel Good

A woman as a wife she makes sure that he is satisfied in every way possible. She bears him kids and carries forward his lineage. Makes him happy in his dull days! But, apart from this a woman makes a man feel better. A good looking woman would make a man feel good about his own looks whereas, an average looking woman would make a man feel superior to her. There are other reasons as well where a man feels good being with his woman. A woman provides security to a man which otherwise is not a part of him, this makes him feel good. A woman bears half his responsibilities which remain unknown to him, this also makes him feel good.

5. The Confidant

A man normally trusts no one other than his own self. He needs a woman to share that trusting moment with. A man is normally hard on the exterior and very soft from the core. This core is not shared with anyone and, it takes a very loving and caring woman to break the hard exterior and move on to the core.

6. To Make the Man Feel Good

This is an interesting need of a man that only a woman can get fulfilled. A man always wishes to look good but, he would rather not put in the effort that is required to look good. A clean shave, neatly trimmed and combed hair, shirt that’s tucked in, pants that are ironed and face that shines, all make a man look tremendously handsome. But it takes a woman and entire day full of pestering by her to make a man actually go through the pain of getting all this done. So, you can say that behind a good looking man, are the efforts put in by his woman.

7. To Enjoy a Organized Life

It is a universal fact that women tend to be more organized in every way than a man is. A woman would take that extra pain of putting in stuff where it should be so that she can find it the next time. A man would just dump in the stuff wherever he finds space. A man becomes organized and starts putting the stuff in place once a woman starts dictating their lives. They may grumble a lot about this but, this organized life helps them professionally also. A man who gets organized in his personal life is organized professionally too. He would start maintaining diaries of his appointments; plan his schedule etc. thus making life simpler.

8. The Manly Factor

This is an oft heard statement. This just means that the male ego gets boosted when there is a female company around. The need factor that is created by the woman allows the man to feel like a man. A man always feels that the woman should depend on his in some way. This dependency increases his feeling of being a man and in turn makes him mellow down towards the woman.

9. The Physical Desires

A woman helps fulfil the man’s physical needs. It is not possible for a man to fulfil them all alone and he needs a woman for this.

10. The Extra Income

An earning member she becomes in the family, thus adding to a man’s income. This double income can become beneficial towards a good lifestyle. She also helps lessen the burden of finances that a man till now held alone. She shares the tensions and stresses of the family thus making your life easier.

Tell a man he needs a woman, he would never accept. But, when he is away from his woman for even a day, he starts feeling miserable and lonely. Even the harshness between a man and woman is an expression of the eternal love that exists between them.

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