Why is Communication Important in a Marriage

No relationship can progress without the free flow of communication. It forms a very important part of a relationship. According to an independent survey, it has been noted that most marriages break due to lack of communication. For any relationship to work, it is very important that the people talk and convey what is on their mind. Whenever there is a lapse in this, the relationship breaks. The problem that most couples have is that they want the other person, somehow, to understand everything without talking. One needs to understand that these kind of things are possible either in movies or in books, but relationship demands the involvement of two people.

Communication Important in a Marriage

A marriage is more than an institution. It not only confirms your love but also your commitment with each other. By keeping mum or expecting your partner to understand the problem without talking will not help you to enjoy a good married life. Communication reflects the involvement of two people in a marriage. Solutions to big problems are found out just by communicating well. Usually people prefer to either separate or suffer in a marriage without letting the other partner know. It is always better to speak your mind out to your partner so that the problems are solved and peace is restored in a relationship.

Still, there remain a large number of people who ask this question, why is communication important in a marriage? This article will help you to understand the importance of communication in a marriage and how couples often lose their love and peace when they refrain themselves from talking to their partners.

1. Understanding:

One of the best things that communication can do in a marriage is increase the understanding. Most marriages break due to lack of understanding. Understanding is the most important part of marriage or of any relationship. Couples who lack understanding are prone to issues like infidelity, divorce etc. If your marriage is going through a rough phase then by having healthy communication with your partner, you can save your marriage.

People are more ‘experts’ in turning a small issue into a big one. Suppose you have a partner who has some kind of bad habit like that of smoking, drinking or who has an attitude problem because of which he/ she acts in an inconsiderate and indifferent manner. Communication will help you resolve your differences and lead a happy and peaceful life.

2. Know Each Other:

Communication helps you to know your partner better. When there is free flow of communication in a marriage, then both the partners will get to know each other very well. Most marriages break as there is lack of sufficient communication in it which gives rise to ambiguity. The advantage of maintaining a healthy communication is that you will always know what your partner expects and needs from the relationship.

With healthy communication, a couple gets to understand his/her partner better,which promotes peace and love in marriage. Most couples complain that they don’t know their partner well. This situation usually arises when you either don’t know your partner enough or there is some lack of communication in the relationship that causes these unwanted misunderstandings that hamper the prosperity of your marriage.

3. Solves Problems:

When you speak your mind out to your partner you save yourself and your partner from any unnecessary fights. The solution to all big problems is found in the free flow of communication. Usually, couples shy away from sharing their thoughts or what they are going through with their partners, thus ensuring a false utopia to the other person. When a situation arises where one loses his/ her cool, that false utopia is destroyed.

The best way to avoid this love-hate relationship is by openly talking to your partner about it. Couples who suppress their feelings or who don’t speak much are the ones who suffer the most in a relationship. Through communication, you can convey your plight to your partner. It is better to express than to suppress. There is no problem in marriage that cannot be solved through open communication. Whenever there is any kind of misunderstanding in a relationship, couples usually endure the problems silently thinking they are solving it by doing so. When they are unable to endure it any more, they opt for divorce. If you are struggling with your marriage, it is always better to talk about the problems than silently suffering in the relationship. Your partner will thank you later for speaking up.

4. Trust:

The basic intention of having a free flow of communication is to promote trust. Trust forms a very important part of any relationship. Marriage needs trust to grow and to function normally. Very often we witness marriages being broken due to lack of trust. One of the main problems that couples face in a marriage is the lack of trust.

One needs to understand that trust is not build overnight. Constant efforts are required from both the partners to ensure that trust is there in the marriage. One of the first steps you can take in order to gain or regain your trust in your partner is by talking openly about it to your partner. Couples make the mistake of thinking that all of a sudden one day, trust will suddenly emerge in the relationship, without thinking that it is cultivated each day. Talk to your partner whenever you have any doubt. It is better to clear the doubts at the time of their appearance rather than dragging it to another day or week. When you talk openly to your partner, you rule out any possibility of doubt in the relationship, and where there is no doubt, trust prevails.

5. Love:

Communication makes sure that love continues in a relationship.  By expressing your feelings to your partner, you will let them know how much you love them. A general perception that people have is that one doesn’t have to be expressive in marriage. Most marriages suffer due to lack of communication. People don’t take out time to talk to their spouses or take them out for a dinner as they used to before getting married. Marriage doesn’t mean the end of love but the beginning of a new chapter in love.

Communication will help you to keep love alive in your marriage. As you openly talk about your feelings, share your joys and sad moments, ask about the feelings of your spouse, you will see that slowly and steadily love is blossoming more and more in your marriage.

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