Why Girls Want Guys to Make the First Move

Everybody wants to be loved but nobody wants to make the first move. Among the genders, girls are the shyest. They never show their true feelings and they always want guys to make the first move towards or in a relationship. This attitude has startled almost every guy. Boys on the other hand are more open in showing or expressing their feelings. You can never know if a girl has a secret crush on you or on anyone. There are various reasons for girl’s shy nature.

Some girls are outgoing; still a majority of them are shy and they always wait for the guy to take the first step forward. This however lands them in trouble most of the times. Mainly, because girls like guys who talk sweetly and look decent. The other aspect of why girls want guys to make the first move is that they are very shy and timid by nature. Most of the times they want to know what is going on the minds of their ‘would-be’ boyfriends. Without revealing much about their own thoughts, they strategically make their move and try their level best to get the thing out of the guy. Mentioned below is the small list on why girls want boys to make the first move.

guys first move

1. Feel Important:

One of the primary reasons for girls to expect guys to take the first step is that, by doing so it gives them a sense of importance. They work on this principle; if you are too quick to reveal your desire or your thoughts, you will lose your importance and might give the impression of someone who is desperate. By making the guy make the first move, they get to feel very important in a relationship.

Girls, by nature have this attitude where they want to be treated as an important person in the relationship. By not making the first move, they will be showing their importance.

2. Upper Hand:

Another important reason for them not making the first move is that they not only want to show their importance but also want to have an upper hand in the relationship. Girls usually think that if they shed their shyness and propose a guy, it will taint their image and the guy will not respect them in the long run. Considering these facts, girls do not like to pour their hearts out in front of boys. Girls always want to maintain their superiority over guys and hence do not express themselves.

For girls it is very important to have an upper hand in the relationship. It gives them a sense of pride and makes them feel important in a relationship in the world ruled and governed by men.

3. Shy Nature:

Girls have a shy nature hence they do not feel very comfortable in expressing their feelings. Some girls are outgoing and extrovert but many of them are introvert and face difficulty in talking openly. When it comes to boys, they are even more shy and conscious and many times they do not let the guy know that they have a secret crush on him. They always want the guy to come up to them and ask them out on a date. This gives girls happiness and confidence, which boosts her personality.

The shy nature of girls, at times works in their favor. The girls who are shy, develop a certain kind of patience which acts as a protective valve for them. As they wait for the guy to open up, the girls are never in hurry and usually have lot of time to think about the relationship from different angles. Most of the times, because of their shy nature they get to see the real face of a guy, which saves them from any future problems.

4. Mind Full of Thoughts:

A girl’s mind is always on the thinking mode and is busy analysing the pros and cons of approaching a guy. There is always a battle in a girl’s mind whether she should make the first move or not and if she does, what will the guy think of her. These thoughts always cloud a girl’s mind and that’s the reason girls are not able to make a first move.

When a girl is in love, her mind undergoes lots of thoughts. Sometimes she feels happy, sometimes afraid and sometimes confused. This is the reason why they never open up or express their feelings in the first place. They wait for the guy to make the first move as it gives them some solid ground to work upon. They don’t want to feel like a nincompoop for expressing themselves in the first place only to know that the guy is not interested in them.

5. Pride and Prejudice:

A woman has pride and that is her nature. A woman has ego and it is important for her to keep her pride. Making the first move is always tough when you want to please your pride. A girl can give up everything but her pride. This makes them feel the need to hide their feelings and make the guy express his feelings to them first.

6. Peer Pressure:

A girl is very concerned about what her friends say. She always asks for their counsel to advise her on relationships and boyfriends. Most of the girl’s friends usually tell her not to make the first move as that will lower her selfesteem. Friends also advise to see the guy’s intention and reaction first and then react.

Usually they are the ones who wove the theory of a prince charming who never comes riding on a horse. This makes them end up with someone who does sweet talking but whose heart is far away from being even descent. For a girl, her friends are the best advisors and counsellors. This, at times, doesn’t prove to be right. Girls want guys to make the first move, sometimes, only to satisfy or to cope up with their peer pressure.

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