Why do Men Lie to Women?

Lying is human! We are all bound by our own set of lies that we have said at one point or other. Lying could be for many reasons, each person having a reason of their own. Life becomes easier with every lie. You start living that lie and, it becomes real with time. This is a philosophy that we all humans follow without a gender factor. Having said that, it is also believed that men lie way too often and that too about the very trivial matters to their women. They may be at a party with their male counterparts but, would prefer saying that they are working late at office. They lie where even truth would not have made a major difference. But, they lie and “why” is the question women often tend to ask. Let us try and understand why is it that men lie to women so often? What is that fear that makes them lie to their women, the person they tend to love so much otherwise.

Men Lie to Women

1. Avoid Playing Drama

Bang on! The biggest reason why most men lie is to avoid getting the drama quotient. Most women, over-react on hearing the truth. This entire reaction causes a high pitch drama which men wish to avoid. A very classic example is when men wish to go for a few drinks with their male friends. This should be ideally a normal situation but, most women do not like them hanging out with friends when they are waiting for them at home. This creates a high tension high pressure situation for the men which, they obviously don’t wish to. So, to have peace in life without giving up on their fun – men believe lying is the best option. If all they are going to have is a high pitch drama with a whole flow of emotions, they are not going to be honest. A give and take in a relationship is a must. So, unless they feel that things are going to be fine when they are honest, they are not going to be honest.

2. Makes the Women Happy

Some small lies are said so that the woman in their life is happy all the while. You are cooking for the first time for your guy. At the meal table you end up asking him how it is. If it is good there is no lie. Even you know that. But, if it is not, are you ready to hear the truth? No, is the answer to that question. You are not really going to appreciate honesty with your best efforts if they aren’t good enough. This is where most men tend to lie often. When you cook or you wear something new for him, he would not wish to hurt your feelings and in turn get busted for being honest. Rather he says it’s great to see you happy and save himself in the process. So remember, his lies could also mean making you happy somewhere sometime.

3. Not Getting Caught

Would you be upfront with your guy if you end up doing something you should not have done in the first place? Everyone has a fear of being caught and reprimanded while doing something wrong, especially in a relationship. But, remember that does not stop anyone from doing something wrong at times. It is human nature to be lured by the wrong in life. Not that it is justifiable. No, certainly not! It is also not the truth when your guy ends up saying he did not want to hurt you. Remember if he really thought of your feelings he would not have ended up doing that, knowing you would be hurt. But, we all are forgiven for such matters. So, if you want him to be honest and stop him from such events in future, you have to be a little soft on him when he confesses or gets caught.

4. The Undesirable Tasks

This lying is actually escaping. They love escaping tasks that bore them to death. If you have them run the household chores or want them to join you for this social meeting, it is possible that they might lie to get out of the situation. An urgent meeting, a headache etc. are all possible reasons he would come up with, to avoid such tasks. Sometimes he would simply forget the task which he knows for sure you will do anyway. In these cases it is better not to pester or pressurize your man. He is certainly not going to like it. The better way of handling such stuff is by allotting him work when he less pressurized and more relaxed.

5. Mind Conditioning

You really may not be the reason for his lying but, he just can’t stop himself from lying. Such situation arises when the guy’s past relationship have accustomed him to lying. Maybe his past girlfriend was the insecure kind or the drama kind. They can always end up creating troubles whenever he tried being honest with them. This would have made him a complete liar. So, now he feels the best way to be happy in a relationship is by lying. So you have to deal with the lies due to past conditioning. Of course with time you can condition it your way. But, you will have to take real baby steps and avoid pressurizing him in any way.

6. The Insecure Being Plays Lies

Men try very often to impress the woman in their lives. They feel the only way to do is by lying. They are very insecure about you and, often feel that knowing the truth would just create distances between the two of you. It is this insecurity and the fear of losing you that makes them lie about various things including their own self. You need to see through these lies and bring out the honest man and make him secure.

It is important to keep self-control when a man lies. There is no point overreacting. Instead try to make your man honest by allowing him privileges for which he lies.

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