Why Celebrities Break Up More Often

The curious case of celebrities’ lives has been a subject of interest for many. So much so, that a complete department of media has been dedicated to sneak into their private lives and bring it out before everyone. One of those aspects of their life which troubles the minds of every individual is why celebrities break-up more often? The most painful reality of life seems to be a normal thing for these celebrities. What could be the possible reason? We notice around us, people who suffer break-up find it very difficult to cope up with the day-to-day challenges of life. Yet, very often we read or hear in the news about the latest celebrity gossips and interviews where they talk so casually about their break-up as is they were narrating a scene from their latest movie.

This article will give you an idea about why celebrities break-up more often than normal people like you and me.

celebrity breakups

Break-up is the most traumatic and painful reality that most couples are afraid of. Break-up breaks the soul of an individual. When you give the sacred space in your heart to someone you love, that person becomes a part of your life. Whenever there is a break-up, people find it hard to remove the memory or the presence of that person from their lives. But, yet at times it seems that this reality is only limited to normal people like you and me and to those who live in the lime light. It is hard to comprehend what actually goes inside the private life of these celebrities, but there are some points that will help you to understand better why they are so casual about break-up.

1. Love?

No one can explain the fact that why celebrity couples who once were so open about their relationship and did not shy away from public display of affection (PDA) now don’t see eye to eye. One starts to question if there was ever any kind of love in the relationship. Love is the biggest question mark that circles around their lives.

How come we don’t act like them when we face a similar kind of problems in our relationships? We hold on to solve our differences. Why can’t they also do the same? The answer lies in their actions. Their actions show their casual approach towards their relationship. The point is, it is not only celebrities who do that. Very often, we also get involved with someone, not out of love but, out of necessity. When things start to go awry in these kinds of relationships, we hardly try to solve any problems, because deep down in our hearts we know that it was not love. This could be one possible reason why they break-up with their partners.

Other reason could be that maybe they have got together for a role or for the promotion of their latest film or latest album etc. A survey says that most celebrities have a break-up post the release of their film, album etc.

2. Viewer’s Choice

Some celebrities get together because it will help them to make or have an image in the market. They also do that to boost their individual careers. Once they are done with their ‘show’, break-up is next to follow. In this world, where celebrity gossips are given more importance than the social issues that affect you and me, it is not surprising that some relationships that celebrities forge are just publicity stunts to attract more crowds to their concert or to the theatre.

As they say, good or bad, publicity is good for any celebrity. Getting linked with any leading pop icon or film actor or actresses is something which makes the headlines of most of the leading newspapers of the world. Some celebrities whose career graph is going down, welcomes the idea of a link-up with any other celebrity. First their link-up makes the headline and then their break-up.

3. Media Alert

At times it is media that plays the villain. Most of the times, it’s the media that stretches a professional relationship beyond lime light. The news is full of mindless link ups and break-ups. If an actor drops a fellow actress to the sets of her latest film, that sparks off speculations of their alleged affair. As we get a daily dose of their link-up news and one day get the news of them not seeing each other anymore, then that makes us wonder, if all relationships of celebrities are doomed to end?

4. Professional Reasons

Most break ups are the result of the professional life. As a celebrity, they are under tremendous pressure to perform well either in their films or in their albums etc. The concentration is more on their professional life than on their private life. As a result, their relationship suffers. The professional pressures trigger almost 90% of the break-ups in a celebrity’s life.

Suppose if you’re a famous musician and you are performing in Europe and your celebrity girlfriend is in the other part of the world, then you can’t expect the relationship to be strong and happy. A relationship needs one’s time and dedication to grow and be strong. Usually, when celebrities are unable to do so following the ever growing demands of their professional life, they head towards break-up.

5. Judgement Issues

Some celebrities get committed in a relationship way too soon. At times, they fail to see any logic and without knowing much about the other person, they start a relationship or get married. The sooner they get into a relationship, the sooner they are out of it too. The moment they realise that they are with the wrong person, they waste no time and head towards break-up.

Marriage or being in a relationship has become more of a trend and celebrities do not shy away in leading this trend. Some celebrities have serious judgemental issues because of which they are constantly in news for break-up or the other.

6. School for Scandal:

No celebrity’s life is complete without scandals. As they constantly get involved in various relationships and controversies, this infidel behaviour leads to scandals and tarnishes their image. Celebrity life and paparazzi go hand in hand; this lack of privacy often leads to exposing their dirty secrets and often ends in break ups or divorce.

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