Why are Role Models Important for Children

We all have role models. There must have been someone whom we idolised or still idolise. Having a role model is healthy as long as your role models are not anti-social. For children, their role models are everything. They can range from actors to sports personality, from a musician to a fashion model. Children usually idolise those people who do not share a rhetoric, boring life. Role models are important as they help children in becoming more focused and realise their dreams. They also help a child to look beyond his/her problems and see life in a positive way.

The energy that role models give to the minds of children, who idolise them, encourages them to instil a positive behavior. A role model need not necessarily be a famous personality. We idolise people who are able to do things which we, as individuals couldn’t do. The reasons could be many, strength or guts could be the factor, zeal or passion may be lacking etc. A child will idolise those people who are able to do things which he/she is struggling to do. Whatever may be the case, this article will answer the age old question of most parents, why are role models important for children?

role models

1. Passion:

One of the things that attract most people in their role models is their passion for their work. Passion always rules the game and when you love your work, you will always find enough fuel to row over to success. A good role model is bound to work in your favor as he/ she will help your child develop passion. Your child may be interested in music or in painting or anything else. Without passion, it is impossible to succeed in any field.

The presense of a role-model in a child’s life can help him/ her learn that life pays off only when you are passionate about the work you do. Mostly, we have witnessed around us people running blindly for success. It is through their role models that children will learn that it is not the success but, excellence that one needs to run after.

2. Inspire:

Most children lack inspiration in life, and hence they always end up last. It is very important for a child to have a role model so that he/ she can be inspired by them and do something useful. Although, there is no shortage of role models who have a negative impact on the society, especially children, a good role model will always inspire your child to strive for excellence.

Role models inspire the society. Their influence is hard to ignore. When your child idolises someone, chances are that he/she might want to follow their footsteps. They might even try to ape them. But, with your intervention and healthy communication with your child, you can help them understand that it is not what their role models do that is important, but what they are and the nature they possess.

3. Headstrong:

When children lack determination early in their life, it poses a threat in their later life, the threat of giving- up in tough situation.  Having a role model who tunes a child’s thinking in such a way that he/she becomes determined in life, is a good thing. As most children lack determination due to which they are unlikely to do anything big in life. Lack of determination can affect their studies, their approach to their life and its problems.

4. Encourage:

Most children are unable to do well in life as they are never encouraged. Encouragement is what they will get from their role models. As they see their role models struggling and yet trying hard to perform well in life, children will be encouraged to do the same and never give up. As we witness around us many children suffering from depression, the impact of role models can help them combat depression and live happily.

5. Focus:

Children usually lack focus in life. The best advantage of them having a good role model is that it will make them focussed. As they see their role models living and balancing their professional and personal life well, they will learn a great deal about life and how to be focussed.

6. Aim Higher:

Role models are those who influence others by example. By having good role models, your child will be able to aim for higher goals. Life rewards only those who work hard for it, and that is exactly what role models will inspire your children to do. Children who aim for higher goals in life are likely to be more successful than those who settle for average goals.

7. Personality Development:

The overall personality of a child is enhanced by the influence of a good role model. As children try to follow their footsteps, they will adapt their personality and their approach towards life. For this reason, it is very important for your child to have a good role model. In this world, a right personality is what everybody likes and wants.

Parents can also become their children’s role models. After all, they are the only ones who are with them always. Children tend to learn and ape what their parents do. Suppose, if they see their mom dressing in a particular fashion, they would also insist to be dressed like her or if they see their dad with a particular habit, they would follow that. For this reason, it is very important for parents to serve as good role models for their children.

Avoid smoking, drinking or fighting or cursing in front of your children. Children learn faster than an average adult. What they see, they learn and what they learn, they practice. As parents, it is more than a responsibility to be good role models. Don’t pretend to be good. If you are harbouring any bad habit, anything which would be negetive for your child, give it up.

Having good role models will help your child to excel in life. This means good grades, good personality, positive attitude, love and passion for their work (studies), focus etc. The overall development of a child depends upon the role model he/ she has, and hence role models are very important in their growing age.

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