Why Abortion Should Be Illegal

The evil in this world has now reached the world of the unborn; the womb. Although, the crime against children is not a new thing, but crimes against the unborn is hard to chew. Getting a new life in the world is something very special and is a dream of every woman. To be a mother is God’s greatest gift to mankind and is very sacred. The joy of holding a baby in one’s arm is a lovely feeling. A baby is an extension of love and completes the family.

Having a baby and raising him/her is a couple’s delight. But the picture is always not so rosy. With cases like teen pregnancies, incest, rape, the cases of abortion are increasing each day. Abortion is not just a choice that a woman makes; it is inhuman slaughter of the unborn. It is destroying God’s plan for the unborn child, who doesn’t have a voice of his own. Abortion has been linked with depression in women and also causes problems in conceiving later in life. With love comes responsibility, abortion happens when people run away from their responsibility and commitment. Abortion takes away life and is placed next to murder. There is a dire need to ban this practice for the betterment of the society. Here are some of the reasons on why abortion should be made illegal.

Why abortion should be illegal

1. It is Same as Ending a Life

According to doctors, life begins at the time of conception. Even though the fertilized cell is just same as the size of a grain but it has life and will grow to become a human. Killing a pre-born child is a crime against mankind.  The unborn child has a distinct genetic code and is unique in its true sense.

Abortion ceases the growth of a living being. This living being might not have a brain or a heart but the cells divide to form a complete human.

2. There is No Fault of the Child

The embryo which is growing inside a woman is faultless. A child doesn’t ask to be born; this decision solely rests on the adults. The choice of getting pregnant or not is totally on the woman but abortion is taking away the right to live from a human being. This is a right that the baby inside cannot defend.  Adults should bring the child in the world responsibly and if they are not capable of raising the child, then they should exercise precaution.

The unborn child must not suffer because of the negligence of the parents. Once a baby is conceived, he/she deserves the right to live and get love and care from parents.

3. Adoption Should be Considered

Adoption is always a better option than abortion. Whenever a woman thinks of abortion, she must consider adoption. There are many families which will be more than happy to welcome the baby. Couples who want to adopt a child go through a rigorous process by the adoption agencies. There are several parameters on which families are judged. Adoption is certainly a better choice than killing the unborn child.

4. Abortion Has Side-effects on the Body

Going for an abortion is a one-time choice but dealing with its repercussions can be quiet tough. Studies have shown that women who undergo abortion are more prone to depression later in life. People who were pro-abortion have found a link between abortion and cancer. Women who had an abortion were at 50% more risk of acquiring breast cancer. Also at some clinics, abortion is conducted in an unregulated manner that can harm the woman.

5. Abortion is Unethical

As a human being, it is everyone’s duty to protect life. This begins with self-preservation and also extends to all life forms. Man must aim to protect life forms whenever and wherever possible.  Medical termination of pregnancy stops the beating heart of an individual and forsakes the natural law. It is completely unethical and should be avoided.

6. Abortion is Against God

More than a personal choice, abortion is a grave offense against god and his ways.  Be it religion or spirituality, abortion is considered to be a sin. Whether it is a church or a temple, abortion is unequivocal.  There are no exceptions; abortion is similar to murder, according to the bible.

7. Abortion is War

All of us find terrorism very disturbing and inhumane because terrorism is a war against mankind. Terrorists murder the innocent, abortion does the same. It is a war against humanity. It destroys the most basic bond between a mother and a child.

Mother and the child are the first victims but others relations like father, aunt, sister also suffer. We need to stop this war first and make it illegal for the betterment of mankind.

8. Abortion Causes Mental Anxiety

Whenever we do something wrong, the thought of a misdeed always troubles us. Women who undergo abortion to get rid of the baby never get rid of guilt. They are always thinking of the wrong they did to avoid responsibility of the baby.

Women who go through an abortion always wonder what their child would have looked like, acted like and what type of person he/she would have been. These thoughts keep troubling the woman and however strong she is, it causes mental anguish. To avoid this feeling of guilt, abortion should be avoided and other options like adoption should be considered.

9. Abortion is Against Humanity

Abortion not only gives guilt but also takes away the right to live from the pre-born baby. Before any woman goes for a abortion she must think of the time when she was a baby, when she was full of innocence and life and now she is becoming an abortionist. It is understandable to think of abortion if a woman is a victim of a heinous crime like rape or incest. In such cases it is advisable to take advice from a doctor to avoid pregnancy.

10. Abortion is an extreme form of inhumanity

The pre-born child is faultless and has a right to live and being born. By making abortion illegal, this world will become more humane.

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