What Your Eating Habits Say About You

When I say food, what image comes to your mind? Do you think of an exotic meal replete with flavors and tantalizing taste? Or you think of an unappetizing meal full of your daily nutrient requirement but not so much of taste and aroma. Do you know What your eating habits say about you? Yes eating also has a lot to do with your habits that you do in your day-to-day life.

For me food is the ultimate indulgence, I look at cooking as well as eating food as one of the most pleasurable experiences and of late I have come to realize that my relationship with food is so much like my relationship with the people I love! Does this sound crazy to you? It did to me in the beginning and just to prove my sanity, I researched the correlation between ‘what you eat’ and ‘who you are’.

Today, food experts and psychologists are of the view that different eating habits agree with different personalities. You must have heard the saying, ‘we are what we eat’, and it is being argued today that we are not only what we eat but also how we eat.

Various studies have been launched today claiming that the manner in which we eat our food is directly correlated to our basic personalities. It is said that a person may be able to fake their eating habits for a while however the innate instinct kicks in some time or the other. Imagine what this knowledge can do for you! Dating someone that you wish you could know better? Well, just observe how they eat!

Common Eating Styles

The most common eating styles that we know of are:

  • The slow and steady eater
  • Quick biters
  • Food mixers
  • Take one thing at a time eaters

We can also look at a person’s eating habits and associate them with some very distinctive personality traits. These can work for you in case you are dating a guy or a girl and want to know what mannerisms you can associate with them. One thing that you need to thoroughly understand is that you can’t determine these traits to be definitive character flaws or qualities. There are many other aspects to a personality and eating habits can be used as an indication of what may be coming your way.

Let’s discuss common eating styles first

1. ‘The Slow and Steady Eater’

‘The Slow And Steady Eater’

It is believed that slow eaters are set in their ways and are sticklers for routine. They are very headstrong and know how to make the best of every situation. Look at how they eat slowly. Savoring each and every flavor and slowly devouring food. These people usually put their needs above everyone else’s needs and make sure that they take care of themselves best!

2. ‘Quick Biters’

‘Quick Biters’

These people set short term goals for themselves. They are slightly imbalanced when it comes to indulgences. They are relatively less selfish and because they set short term goals they tend to achieve a lot in life. Quick biters are a powerhouse of energy and talent.

3. ‘Food Mixers’

‘Food Mixers’

Food mixers are people who tend to mix a lot of flavors together in order to achieve a balance of taste. This says a lot about their personality. They are people who are responsible and know what they want from life. They take up a whole lot of responsibilities in life and are slightly fickle minded when in come to making decisions.

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