What to do When You Are Bored With a Friend

Are you following a certain routine with your friends every weekend or, whenever you tend to meet? If so, then routines can tend to become boring after a certain point in time. A Saturday night has become a movie night or, probably the dinner night out with friends. It is a ritual in the making. If you look at it closely, this ritual would soon become suffocating. It takes no genius to guess that one out. All of a sudden you are bored of this ritual or routine and, you get that feeling that your friends are becoming boring. You just don’t wish to hang out with them. The root of this problem is that one ritual that needs to be changed. That one thing can make your weekend or night out with friends interesting. So, what should you ideally do when you start getting bored of this routine or ritual?


1. The Different Activity

Instead of getting bored with the same old activity, you could probably suggest a different activity to your friends. Maybe the movie night out or dinner night out could be substituted with an activity that you all like. You could find out a game that you all are fond of playing, like some childhood game and play it. If you have a night out or sleepover at a friend’s place, you could suggest playing some board game with pizzas and beverages being delivered at home. This would increase the excitement and fun levels. You would not even feel bored in the company of friends. Probably a change in the activity would be the best to get out of that boredom when with your friends.

2. Weekend Hiking Trip

You could try out exploring some new and eventful place. It is not always necessary to have a boring Saturday night. Ask your friends for the nearest location where you all can go together. Everyone would come up with some suggestion. List down all the places and, finally decide on one. You would find that this trip would be totally different from your set routine. In fact, you can ask your friends to invite some of their friends as well. It would be fun if a big group goes out hiking together. The fun moments would be many. In fact, a weekend that differs from the others is needed to make the company interesting. Else, you would start feeling suffocated in the company of your friends.

3. Try Talking to your Friends

Friendship is always based out of understanding. So, if you feel at any point that you are really bored of the company of your friends, you could probably tell them about your issue. In all probability, they would come up with a nice way of sorting the issue. When you tell your problem to your friends, you would find numerous solutions coming out. Each suggestion would be better than the previous. As a group you can try to fight this boredom problem. Never try to hide these basic issues from friends else, you would end up losing out on friends. Talking always helps get solutions.

4. Shopping Trip

Bored with the movie, you could arrange for a shopping trip with your friends. It’s been long since you bought something for yourself. You could ask your friends to join you in this trip and help you shop for things. They may also end up buying something. It would give you a good chance to explore the various shops in town and, also to talk about something different. It is a good diversion to shop once in a while.

5. Outgrow Your Friends

It is possible that you have outgrown the basic group of your friends. You have started thinking and behaving differently. This normally happens once you start dealing with different things like your education stream is different or, your line of work becomes different. In such cases you need not be ashamed of your thoughts. It is very normal. Try accepting your thoughts first. Once you do that, try to make new friends while maintaining the old ones. Where you used to meet your old friends every weekend, you could probably use up one weekend to explore outside this gang and, make new friends. There is nothing wrong if you wish to make new friends. It is one way of fighting the boredom caused by meeting your friends every weekend. It is necessary to move out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

6. Join New Activities

You can always join up some new activity or classes to get rid of the boredom. A new activity would help you rejuvenate yourself at the same time will be useful when getting bored. You can also involve your friends in this new activity thus steering yourself off the routine. A group fun activity always strengthens the bond. In fact, with a new activity chances of meeting new people and widening your horizons increases! Meeting new people is always good as you tend to learn more about life than you would know. It would also help you understand yourself more.

7. Help Together

If you are bored of a certain routine, you could along with your friends start out helping the needy. This is always good and, involves a lot of togetherness. Like keeping the society clean, maintaining certain records, collecting clothes to serve the needy etc. can be done. You could even visit the holy places and, try and help them in some way. You could join the choir services in the church. All these activities would build certain gratitude within you and, would help you escape the routine. You would be serving those who truly need you and, in that way you would gain satisfaction along with enjoyment.

Getting bored while following a routine or, while being with the same set of friends is very normal! You can either keep getting bored or, do something to while away boredom. It is always good to deal with the boredom to stay fine.

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