What Size Road Bike Do I Need

Bicycle riding is a passion of many people. Most of them like to get a feel of the roads and streets with their legs running on the pedals of road bikes. Road bikes are popular among all age groups of men and women. It is a cool sport and also a good way of keeping fit. The fame of road bikes is growing with each passing day and if you go by the statistics, you will find that there are a good numbers of buyers out there who want to purchase road bikes. Well, nothing wrong with it. What you must do is indulge in a well-grounded research before you settle on a road bike. A road bike is a one-time investment plan and hence, you must check out all the pros and cons before you decide to get yourself a cool road bike. All those factors that can hinder your riding experience must be weighed in before you decide on a particular road bike. So, here we give you the details about all those factors that you must keep in mind when you decide to buy a road bike:

What size road bike do i need

1. Your height – This is the most important thing that you need to figure out before you go for a road bike. Your height plays a big role in your choice and if you get a road bike for yourself without taking into account your height then you will be in for trouble. Either it will be too short or too long which will not make riding the fabulous experience that it is famed to be.To find out the right bike frame size for yourself, you can use the charts that cover your height and inseam length. They will tell you exactly what kind of bike frame size will fit you.

2. Material of the bike – Road bikes come in all shapes and sizes. The material that is used to build the bike plays a big role in its functionality. Material mainly affects the weight of the bike and the weight can impact your ride to a great extent. So, get a good hold on the kinds of materials that are used in manufacturing road bikes.

3. Age and sex – We have already said above that bike riding is popular among all age groups. Both men and women like to indulge themselves in this sporting exercise. But, when you go for a road bike, you must keep your age and sex in mind. For example, a light-weight bike is more suitable for those who are in the old or middle age group or if you are a woman.

4. Price – Road bikes come in a vast range of prices. They are many brands that manufacture all kinds of road bikes but zeroing upon the right road bike requires you to make an informed decision. You must choose the best bike for yourself. This means that it must have all the features that you want and must also come within your budget.

5. Type of ride –Road bikes are meant to go on paved streets and roads. You can ride it on any such surface that resembles the two and your bike impacts your ride in a major way. Therefore, before you go to the showroom to select a particular bike, get all your doubts cleared. Going for a test ride would be a good idea as it would give you all the details about the suitability of the bike.

6. Style of riding – The bike that you choose for yourself must also be such that it gels with the style of riding that you desire. Young bikers want speed and they can compromise with the weight but the same does not hold true for a biker who is looking forward to a comfortable and cozy ride. So, you must choose a bike that is in consonance with the kind of ride you want.

Choosing the right bike is very important because it will have an impact on your ride and if you make a mistake on this front, you can face grave consequences.

  1. The first and foremost of them is the risk of accidents.
  2. You can also face health risks
  3. It would be a sheer loss of money
  4. You won’t get the fabulous experience out of the ride that you might have got had you chosen the right bike
  5. The ride can leave you lose interest in biking if you are someone who has just started out

Aside from the factors that we have stated above, the components of the road bike must also be taken into consideration. They also play a big role in making a road bike swift and smooth. Therefore, you must have an idea about them. So, here we give you the prime details:

1. Handlebars and grips – The angle and position of the handle bars are very important because if it is not customized, it can lead to back pain, shoulder strain and wrist soreness. You must check it out before you get a road bike for yourself.

2. Saddle – The sitting arrangement is also very important. The seat comes in two different sizes. Some prefer the tilted position while some feel comfortable on the flat surface. Whatever the position, what is important is that you must not find it difficult to adjust your feet while pedaling.  The seat must be such that your feet must adjust automatically with the pedals. If you feel that you have to shift side by side as you move your feet, then something is wrong with the saddle. You need to get it customized accordingly.

3. Pedals – Pedals occupy the lowest position in the whole structure of the road bike but they are very important when it comes to the riding experience. They impact the speed and efficiency of the rider. Clip less pedals and toe clips are the most popular kind of pedals that you can find. Both are good but the latter makes your pedaling motion a bit cumbersome.

Well, as is evident from the factors and components we have mentioned above, a lot goes into the selection of a fine road bike. If you ask yourself what size road bikeIneed, you have to factor in all the things that we have said above. The decision is not easy but if you do your homework well there are no chances that you won’t find the right road bike for yourself.

Cycling is an adventurous game and has got many advantages. It is environment-friendly and cost effective. If you cycle on a regular basis, you will find that your health has improved considerably. Many health experts vouch for the benefits of cycling and what would be a better option if you could combine adventure and health in a single package. So, road bikes are your best bet but only if you find out the best for yourself.

The present times are such that one is flooded with a lot of choices which makes selection quite tough. All claim to be cool and classy and the reality is that many of them do possess the qualities that they boast of. This creates more confusion as you are flooded with many alternatives. However, if you don’t give in to the tempting features and keep yourself focused on the things that matter to you, you can easily find the perfect match, whether it is a bike or bride.

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