What Makes a Good Friend

Of all the relationships that you form in your lifetime, the bonds of friendships surely must be the ones that you treasure the most. Having some good friends in your life is more often than not, a matter of luck. Although, you can start getting friendly with someone who shares your likes and dislikes, you never know whether the relationship will be able to stand the test of time.

You can consider it providential if you can lay the foundations for a lasting association with an individual. A good and trustworthy mate is a friend for life. A true friend is someone who will always stand by you in your ups and downs of life. He or she will always respect you and love you for what you’re. An honest and dependable friend will let you be yourself.

You’ll always feel relaxed in the company of good friends and won’t have any inhibitions in expressing your heartfelt emotions or feelings. For that matter, you won’t even have to measure your words or weight your thoughts when you hang out with your closest buddies. There will be friends in your life who will call on you only when they need help with something.

For instance, they’ll get in touch with you when a new product needs to be promoted or help with endorsing new books. These friends could be your office colleagues or business partners or even your old classmates. Then again you’ll have mates or buddies who share the same passion(s) as yours.

You’ll develop such associations when you sign up for a golf club or gym membership. You may also form such liaisons when you engage in any kind of outdoor leisure activity. Once you stop going to the golf course or fitness club, the friendly ties that you formed in these places also come to an end.

However, the bonds that you develop with individuals where there is no trace or hint of vested interests are the ones that you can define as authentic and true friendships. These camaraderie’s are the ones that you can expect to last a lifetime. Mutual respect for one another is the primary adhesive or glue that keeps the friendship intact. So, what are the qualities or attributes of a reliable friend? In other words, what makes a good friend?

What makes a good friend

1. A Good Friend is with You through Thick and Thin

You can call a mate of yours a true and reliable one when he or she is one with you in your joys and sorrows. To be exact, he or she’ll not only be sympathetic but empathetic as well. They’ll prove by their behavior that they genuinely care for your feelings. They’ll rejoice and celebrate with you during your good times and console you during your adversities.

2. A True Friend Will Always Respect you and your Opinions

An honorable friend of yours may not always see eye to eye with your ideas and opinions but will forever defend your right to express them. He or she’ll never try to thrust his or her own viewpoints on you or reject your standpoints outright. An honest friend will always value his or her friendship with you more than anything else including your opinions.

3. An Authentic Friend Can Be Trusted Absolutely

You know you can trust a good friend of yours because he or she has earned it. You know that he or she will not badmouth you or back stab you the moment your back is turned. You can rely on them without reservations and share you private matters and darkest secrets. You’re very confident that they will never reveal or disclose your closely guarded secrets to strangers.

4. An Intimate Friend Will Regularly Keep in Touch

You’ll have friends and associates who’ll make an attempt to contact you on a regular basis that will be driven by self-interests. So, you cannot count them amongst your closest friends. A friend who has your interests and welfare at heart will keep in touch spontaneously. They’ll either visit your personally or contact you via phone regularly even when you fail to stay in touch due to unavoidable circumstances.

5. A Good Friend Will Defend When You Face the Flak

A friend who is very near and dear to you will never shy away from defending you when you’re criticized or berated by others. He or she’ll always try to shield you from getting physically or verbally abused by other people both in private and public. A good friend will make you feel as if he or she’s equally hurt as you’re when you face the flak or are slandered.

6. Expect Your True Friend to be Honest in his Dealings

Though your intimate friend may not give you a minute-by-minute details of his or her life, but he or she’ll be quite forthcoming in his or her dealings. They’ll clearly let you know what is going on in their minds and their true intentions. So it will also essentially imply that they’ll not back away from sounding you out if something does not appear right to them.

 7. A Good Friend Will Also Have a Good Sense of Humour

You can consider yourself lucky if you have quite a few close buddies who can make you laugh heartily. One of the reasons you could fortify your relationships with your fast friends was their ability to crack a joke and make you feel light during tense moments. You found yourself to be on the same wavelength as your close friends, as far as having a good sense of humour was concerned.

8. A Trustworthy Friend is Also a Good Listener

You’ll realize that you indeed have some good friends to keep you company when they pay heed to what you’ve have to say just about anything. They’ll of course not be able to make out what is going on in your mind.  However, they’ll surely have the patience to hear you out on how seemingly inconspicuous things are affecting you in your day to day life.

As upright buddies, they’ll able to feel your pulse and understand your moods. They’ll instinctively feel whether you’re excited or depressed, happy or sad, traumatized or shaken. They’ll impulsively sense when to pacify you or when to keep quiet.

9. A Good Friend Will Help You Attain Your Goals

A good friend is not just someone whom you can hang out with and socialize. Nor is he or she someone who accompanies you to the movies or teams up with you in your late night parties. Rather a good friend is someone who makes you see the finer aspects of life and living.

He or she is someone who helps you out with realizing your goals or objectives in life. He or she is someone who helps you capitalize on your true potential and extols your virtues. He or she will always highlight your virtues and try to help you with taking the weaknesses in your stride.    

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