What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone

People fall in and out of dreams, but there’s one dream that people don’t want to get out. You may have heard of people asking the question, ‘what does it mean if you dream about someone?’ This article will help you understand exactly what it means to be dreaming about someone. We all have dream girls and dream boys. There is nothing wrong in having one. People spend hours sitting and dreaming about the person they are falling in love with. One doesn’t understand how come they are unable to do any other work, but only dream about the person they want to be with?

There can be many reasons why, if you are one of them, do that. You probably went out with your friends for a drink and saw this incredibly cute girl whom you just cannot get out of your mind or you might have met a new guy in the office whom you found to be extremely mice to you and is wondering how to approach him. Most of the times people dream or fantasies about someone, because they lack the courage to approach them. Mentioned below are some possible reasons why you dream about someone and also what you need to do in that case.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone

1. Over Thinking

One of the main reasons why you would dream about someone is that you are thinking about him or her too much. When we think about something or someone for too long, then it gets registered in our subconscious mind. When we sleep, our sub conscious mind becomes active and weaves our thoughts into dreams. Usually, when people are in tension or are obsessed with something or someone, they tend to give a lot of thinking about it, which results in dreaming about them.

Mostly when people are in love or are afraid of someone, they give most of their time in thinking about them. As your mind becomes accustomed to those thoughts, a visual is recorded in your mind from your thinking. This visual is then registered in your subconscious mind, which acts as a permanent memory storage place. This leads to the appearance of that person in your dreams.

2. Symbols

Since ancient times, people have indulged themselves into exploring the unknown. Dreams are a part of human thinking and how they perceive a situation and have always fascinated humans with its mystery. Dreams can also be interpreted in terms of symbols. A vast volume of books have been dedicated to this section. Dreaming about a person can be, at times, symbolic. The person whom you see in your dreams is more likely to be used in a symbolic way by your subconscious mind in representing to you something.

Subconscious mind is the most active part of human body.  In some ways, it can sense the coming danger and warns us or of coming prosperity through dreams.  People shown in the dream are meant to be taken as symbols. What your subconscious mind would be trying to tell you or warn you will depend upon the characteristics of that person in real life. For example, if you see your boss in the dream and your equation with your boss is not so very good then chances are that you might have something bad coming up. However, the reliability and credibility of these interpretations are still a big question mark.

3. Imagination

Humans are gifted with the most extra-ordinary talent of imagination. There comes a time in each one of our life, when we are unable to draw a line between reality and imagination. At times when we watch a movie and like a particular character from that movie, we tend to relate ourselves to that character or it could be a scene from the movie that touched your heart. When you think about these things too much and add a tinge of imagination to it, our minds start to record it as reality.

Due to our ability to imagine things, our subconscious mind gets confused between reality and imagination. That is the reason that most of the times you would be seeing yourself doing stunts or falling or seeing people whom you have never met in life! Our heart, mind, and soul are all connected and anything that affects any one of these, affects all. If our mind is struggling with some kind of fear, our hearts respond to it and if there is anything that touches our heart (good or bad), our minds remember it and our soul responds to it.

4. Communication

There might be something that you are struggling with and don’t know where to look for answers. Humans have been created in such a way that the answer to all their problems lie within. Dreams are a way in which our inner self tries to make contact with us. They show us the areas of our lives where we had been careless and where we had been careful. They give us insight into the state of our awareness.

Dreams either takes instances from our past in order to provide us answer to our immediate problems or at times, can even give us a glimpse of future. Although, there is no scientific proof that dreams can foretell anyone’s future, but there have been many people who have had dreams, which came true afterwards. The subconscious mind gathers all the information from around us, at times even those things which are unnecessary. Subconscious mind can keep a record of all the things that we see, eat or have felt. Joining this information with imagination and logic, it gives us an insight or a vantage point of our problems, and thus helps us to find solution through dreams.

5. Feelings

If you dream about a person with whom you have ever been in a relationship or wants to be in, then that could be due to your feelings. Human life is about love and relationships which helps us to grow and become better human beings.  At times, the good moments that you have shared with the other person, who is no longer in your life, seems to get stored in your mind. So, whenever you feel down and out, your mind starts a recovery process by showing you the beautiful moments that you’ve had.

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