Evergreen Weird Questions to Ask a Girl

When it comes to asking questions to a girl, boys are the dumbest. Some boys hesitate to even have a word with girls while others toil endlessly asking questions, making efforts to know them. Here’s an article that will tell you about the weird questions to ask a girl that would not make you sound stupid and also help you to know her well too. The best thing about being weird questions to ask a girl is that you don’t have to try much! Weird questions are easy to come out than sensible questions. But, different people have different definitions for a weird question. If you happen to ask them anything related to their past or of their belief system, they might label these questions as weird.

This article will focus on questions that appear to be weird but will help you to know the other person well. Usually, girls shy away from answering to any question if they are not comfortable with you. Weird questions are often associated with funny questions, so before you could ask a girl any question, make sure you make her very comfortable and you have a good sense of humor. Lack of any of these things might result in a deadlock. When you ask a weird or a funny question to a girl, make sure you have all the right ones so that you don’t end up offending her.

Mentioned below are some weird questions that you can ask girl to make them comfortable with you and also to know them better.

1. Favorite Color?

Though the question is quite old-fashioned, it still runs high on charm. As soon as you ask this question to a girl, you will notice a big smile on her face. Usually, this question is very effective when it comes to breaking the ice. Girls are very choosy when it comes to color and whenever takes interest in their liking; they tend to like that person in return. Though this question is not so weird, but since you can never go wrong with this question, asking someone about their favorite color is actually weird.

Favorite Color?

2. Slap for a Kiss?

Imagine spending a romantic evening with your girlfriend and after the dinner you ask her if she would slap you if you would kiss after dropping her home? She will either shy away from answering this question or give you a kiss to remove your doubts. Though a kiss is spontaneous, but asking her in advance about it is considered to be very weird.

Slap for a Kiss?

3. Best Moment Gone Worse?

Surprise her with a question about her best moment that went wrong. It will take her some seconds to actually understand if you’re asking her about her best moment or worse moment. Pop up this question in your conversation with her and see her eyes open wide! She will end up telling you her best moment and her worst moment separately as chances are very few of her having both the things at the same time.

Best Moment gone Worse?

4. Food Options?

If you are planning to ask a girl out, but don’t know where to take her then simply ask her what kind of food she likes. Ask her if she likes Thai, Chinese, and Continental etc. Initially she will be surprised to hear such a question but, when she replies to it you will know where to take her if you ask her out. Usually, girls are smart and they can read between the lines, so asking this weird question might help you to even ask her out!

Food Options?

5. Stress Buster?

Asking a girl what she does when she feels upset will help you to make a rapport with her. This question will bring out your sensitive and caring side. The girl will know that you worry about her and it will also help you to know just what to do when she gets upset in the future. If you make her feel comfortable with you, then she might even share some of her problems with you and ask for your counsel. You need to be very genuine and honest in your approach.

 Stress Buster?

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