New Age Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette

The power of words should never be underestimated as they have the ability to influence moods and sentiments in a very strong way. They wield great influence on people and this is why they have got such a great degree of significance attached to them. Different occasions demand different words to express themselves and if it is about a wedding, you have got to be bang on target but is it that easy? Are weddings so simple that one can get the wordings right without any effort?

Well, if we talk about the present times, things are not that simple. It would have been easier in the past but not in the present. Nowadays, framing a wedding invitation can be quite a task as it no longer follows the traditional route. It is no more like “Mr. and Mrs. ____ request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their daughter….”. Things have taken a turnaround of sorts and therefore, wedding invites are no more traditional and terse. Of course, wedding invitation wording etiquette is something that still matters but the code of behavior has imbibed many new elements.

So, if you are planning to get married or are organizing the wedding of a dear one, you must catch out on these elements. The tips that we have mentioned below will tell you about all the things that matter in a marriage invite. Check them out.

1. Functional Details Form the Core

Yes, they do and to a large extent. Of course, they are all about informative content but they are the essential elements. You must spell out correctly as to who is getting married to whom and where will the ceremony take place. The date, time and place must be mentioned correctly in the wedding card. Also, they must occupy the prime location because then only it will make sense.

Functional Details form the Core

2. Basics Bring Substance

This is not to say that you must not try to put in an innovative style of wording. What we want to say is that do not overdo it because it can confuse the guests. Generally, it happens that guests do not go in detail reading the invite and just browse through it to get the basic details. So, if they do not find out easily what they are looking for, they can get lost. Hence, put in a fair bit of style and team it up with the basic rules and the perfect recipe is ready.

Basics Bring Substance

3. Call to Action is a Must

By call to action, we mean to say that the invite must tell the guest what to do next. To put it in simple terms, the invite must tell the guest to RSVP or ask them to go to the wedding website, whatever is applicable in your case.

wedding website

4. Customization is Compulsory

Every wedding is unique and in the present times, they have become all the more offbeat and individualistic. Earlier, it was the bride’s parents who used to host the wedding but today, it can be the couple or the parents of the groom or parents from both the sides. It may also happen that the parents of the groom or bride have divorced and thus, the new set of parents is hosting the wedding. Well, whatever the case, the card must spell out the hosts and their relationship with the couple clearly. The last name, middle name must be clear.

Customization is Compulsory

5. Match the Theme and the Wording

This is the thing that will bring in the real zing to your wedding invite. If the wedding venue is a church, then the wording should be formal and traditional, reflecting a solemn fragrance. On the other hand, if the wedding is taking place at a beach, you must frame the wordings in such a manner that they express an informal and carefree aura.

Match the Theme and the Wording

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