What to Wear on the First Day of School

g. Footwear:

When it comes to footwear, you have to be careful. Sneakers are the best option to team up with denims and pants. You can also go for a pair of nice flip flops. With shirts you can team up with nice flats. The boys should stick to shoes as it will look best on them.


2. Hairstyles for the First Day of the School:

a. Braids:

Braids are wonderful hairstyles for students. You can wear your hair in a simple braid, a French braid or even a pin-up braid. Braids give you a more sophisticated look. Braids are simple, timeless and elegant. They are perfect for medium length or long hair.


b. Ponytail:

You can simply tie a high pony, with your bangs left out. This is a simple hairstyle that you can carry for the first day of your school. There are so many ways in which you can tie your hair in a ponytail. You can also try making two ponytails, with a middle parting for a cuter look. You can make a long pony, divide it into different sections and tie these sections with colorful rubber bands. For an elegant look, you can place this ponytail on your shoulder.


c. Pouf Hairstyle:

If you are looking for an easy hairstyle that is polished and easy to create, then you can for pouf hairstyle. It is an ideal hairdo if you do not want to leave your hair open. To create this hairstyle, take the first section of the top of your hair, between your temples. Backcomb this section of hair and pin it at the back of the crown. Brush the sides of your hair and gather it back to create a ponytail.

Pouf Hairstyle

3. Dress Code for Teachers for the First Day of the School:

Teaching is not only a profession but it goes way a head of this. Young students always look up to their teachers. When you are a school teacher you have to behave in a much more responsible way. Luxuries are completely out of fashion. Young students, their parents, administration and the greater community all need to expect a teacher to be mature, professional, capable and competent. Outer appearance is the first indicator of the inner characteristics. One’s attire plays a very important role in reflecting ones personality. Here are some points which a teacher should keep in mind for the first day of the school.

Stay stylish, but do not overdo with your attire.

a. Avoid Sleeveless:

It is suggested that sleeveless is too casual for the classroom. Try to have a more adult look.

Avoid trendy too-high heels and opt for sensible flats that can last long.

Avoid Sleeveless


  • Be confident, your outfit is nothing unless you carry it with well.
  • If you are comfortable without makeup, then you should go without it. If you feel more comfortable with it, then it always nice to put a little bit on.
  • Start with something not too fancy and make sure you do not follow the crowd.
  • If it does not comply with the dress code in your school, do not wear it.
  • Try not to mix loose shirts with loose pants, because they tend to look overdone. It is a good idea to wear either tighter pants with a looser shirt or looser pants with a tighter shirt as it is much more pleasing to eyes.
  • Reach your school, on time on your first day to leave a good impression on your new teachers.

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