What to Wear on the First Day of School

The first day of school is known as the most important day of the year. So, what to wear on the first day of the school, to have all eyes on you? Before you start making plans for the first day of your school it is very important to know as what suits best on you. Moving completely out of your comfort zone can make you appear drastic. A school is a place where you have to be like a student. You cannot wear anything that will make you look older than your age. This article will not make the first day of school jitters go away, but it will surely help you to have an awesome outfit.

Normally every school has a uniform, so it is an obvious option to wear on the first day of the school. School uniforms are never fun, but you can always work around them.

What to Wear on the First Day of School

  1. If your school uniform requires you to wear a certain kind of pants, try wearing the wide legged version. This will make your body look nice, no matter if you are tall or small, skinny or big. It will also make you appear attractive on the first day of the school.
  2. Belts with big buckles always dress up the look. If you cannot add anything to your belt, you can just use a black belt with a vintage buckle.
  3. If your school has uniforms, try buying school-friendly accessories to go with your uniform.
  4. If your school does not have any strict regulation on shoes, get something fashionable that stands out. But if your school has a certain dress code, you can add little things like a trendy shoelace.
  5. Many dress codes provide few restrictions on hair. While you probably cannot color your hair in crazy colors, you can put bows or headbands.
  6. You can also try a scarf, which will give your uniform or dress code a cute look.
  7. You can express yourself with your bag. Usually schools do not have any strict regulations on bags. So, you can use the liberty here, by decorating your bag with accessories. Buy a blank or white bag and decorate it the way you want. Use pins, patches and fabric markers you can go for acrylic paint to add some color to the Zippers. Add some key chains for further personalization.
  8. Be sure to stick with your style. Do not have a fancy outfit for the first day as it will look weird.
  9. It is very important to figure out, what is allowed and what is not allowed as far as uniform modification is concerned. Many schools with uniforms do not allow direct modification of the uniforms, but will allow accessories and small addition.

1. For High School:

For the first day wear something refreshing which can give people a new look. Do not go for something that everyone is wearing at the moment. Choose something that really expresses your personality.

For the first day you can go for colors like pale, yellow, baby blue or baby pink.

a. If you want to give a Serious Image of yours, Wear a Dark Top.

Try avoiding black, because it is not the brightest color for school and it can give people the wrong impression. You can try wearing navy blue, dark green or a dark purple.

If you want to give a Serious Image of yours, Wear a Dark Top.

b. Wearing a shorts show that you’re confident, fun and outgoing.

Causal jeans show that you are relaxed. Wear what makes you feel comfortable because you want to show who you are and not someone who is someone else.

Wearing shorts

c. You can go for a Simple Hair Accessory.

It adds an extra piece to your ensemble and can really make the outfit. Make sure you do not overdo it and maintain the decorum of a school as it is not a fashion show.

Simple Hair Accessory

d. When you go to a School never go Overboard on Makeup.

Just wear a little bit of what you think brings out your best features. This could be a light lip-gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, cover-up or any combination of these. Do not put too much cover up on your face. Just keep makeup minimal and light colors that express you.

When you go to a School never go Overboard on Makeup.

e. Shirts:

Your shirts are going to be a very important part of your attire as this is what people notice first. If it’s a summer season then stick to wearing light colored simple t-shirt.  Avoid too much of sleeveless as this would give you a horrible tan in the long run. For the first day never wear anything that shines too much. For winters you can pull on a cardigan. For accessories throughout the year, choose between stoles, mufflers, gloves and shrugs if the weather permits the demand.


f. Denims and Pants:

With shirts you can wear some casual pants. Even cotton pants look cool. During the winters, stick to denims and simple pants.

Denims and Pants

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