Efficient Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

6. Time Schedule

You should never begin your day unplanned this way you will not be able to work effectively. A strict regime may appear very appalling but it will surely help you work smartly. Planning a time schedule will not be sufficient you need to follow it honestly. Discipline yourself and you will see that things will go in your favor.

Time Schedule

7. Get Early Start

Be the first person to enter your office. Once you start your work early in the morning, your work will naturally complete on time. On the contrary, if you come late to office your work will automatically get a slow start. Even if you are working from home as a freelancer, try to get up early in the morning and start early with your work. There is no point sacrificing your night sleep to meet your deadlines when you can make it possible in the day light.

Get Early Start

8. Avoid Repeating Mistakes

No one is perfect in this world and it is very natural to commit mistakes. Committing mistakes is not a crime but repeating mistakes time and again cannot be forgiven. Take a note of your mistakes, you can mark them on a piece of paper and stick on the wall of your home. This way you will be reminded of those mistakes and will not commit them again.

Avoid Repeating Mistakes

9. Cut out all Distraction

Once you sit and start working give 100 % to the assignments. Cell phone, social networking sites and many other things can distraction you. Keep your cell phone switched off in your working hours. Be flexible to work in all working environment because there are times when you cannot avoid these distractions. Uninstall the social networking sites in case they are consuming your time.

Cut out all Distraction

10. Love your Work

Love what you do and automatically things will go in your favor. Remember no one can motivate you better than you yourself. Generate interest in your work and stop taking your projects as burden.  Set a reward for yourself when you accomplish your goal, this will keep you interested in your work.  Boredom can also make you sick of your work and freelancers are prone to boredom. You can talk to your friends to relax your mind or can watch comedy movie. This will be enough to recharge you and you will come back to the project with full enthusiasm. If a job does not interests you at all then its better you leave it instead of wasting time repenting.

Love your Work

11. Socialize

You are not the only person on this earth who is facing work pressure or low productivity. When you talk to your friends or your colleagues you will realize that work pressure is a universal phenomenon. Socializing will help to relieve you from stress and you will start deriving pleasure from others experiences. So stop feeling alienated and chat with your friends.


12. Take Care of your Health

Your health plays a very important role in deciding your work output. So, health should not be neglected in the pretext of your work.

  • Rest – A proper sleep is very important to keep your mind fresh, ideally one should take 7- 8 hours sleep every day. If you are a freelancer, a small nap in between will also refresh your mind.
  • Regular breaks- Continuously working in front of a computer without breaks will make you feel exhausted.  In case, your mind stop working and you start making silly mistakes you should realize that it appropriate to take a break. Working constantly will make you prone to mistakes.  A small walk or a tea break will refresh your mind and you will come back to put your best into your work. If you are taking twice or thrice more time to complete your assignments, then call it a day and start afresh the next morning.
  • A good hygiene – Good eating habits and regular exercises will keep you charged throughout the day. A morning walk and few stretches will be sufficient to keep you fit. Try to have fruit juice instead of coffee or tea. You can also try fresh lime water as it will keep your mind and body fresh.

Take Care of your Health

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