Ways to Stand Above the Rest at a Job Interview

With the growing rate of unemployment, every person is desperate to get a job. At this time, the employers enjoy an upper hand. It is not really a good scenario to enjoy for employees. With these thoughts troubling you and the interview day drawing nearer, you are tense beyond doubt. Being tense is fine but, along with that you need to work towards your interview. You should have just one goal in your mind, winning the job. With so many candidates, there is a clutter of knowledge and talent. You need to stand out and create your own place. This is one way of winning the job where, there are millions of applicants.

above rest in job interview

1. The Knock-Out Resume

Your resume is your face for your potential employers. Even before they get a chance to call you for a rendezvous, they need to know you. If they like your face, they are sure to give you a chance. So make sure your face stands out and wins their hearts. Make a resume that shows all that you have done and brings out the positives within you. You should avoid writing lies in the resume. You need to carve your resume as per the demands of the job. You might be fulfilling certain requirements of the job, highlight those in the resume. A little playing with the words, arranging the sentences in the proper way and a perfect alignment gives you the right resume. A good resume knocks your door with great opportunities. It helps catch the eye of the employer and gets you to the interview.

2. The Company Portfolio

It is very important that you are aware of what the company does before you step in for your interview. Study the company’s background well. You should ideally know when their company came into existence, what are its basic activities, the management, stock prices, financial details and a bit about the department for which you are being interviewed. This knowledge always manages to impress the employers. When you go prepared, your enthusiasm towards the job is highlighted and this is a positive. Preparation is a must from the interviewer’s point of view. If you go unprepared, they feel you are not interested in the job and are just there to waste their time.

3. Dressing Rules

Remember, you are about to enter a professional environment. Your dress plays an important role in an interview. Your dress reflects your personality and defines you. You are an unknown human being with known desires to the interviewer. The interviewer is actually looking at you from his company’s point of view. So make sure you don’t wear gaudy colours. That does not go with professional attires. Something decent and light is the best match for the interview. Formals should be your attire. You can wear a shirt with either a formal trouser or a casual trouser. Make sure you wear a tie to complete the look. If the office where you are appearing for the interview is the casual types, you could sport a casual T-Shirt and casual trousers or jeans.

4. Be On-Time

Your arrival for the interview should ideally be before time. If you arrive late for the interview, it leaves a bad impression on the interviewer. If you are on time, you may not be able to prepare yourself before the interview. A 15 minute grace period is well appreciated. You should be able to give yourself time before entering the doors for your interview. Some time to think things over, drink a glass of water, let go off your anxiety and probably feel a bit more confident. With this punctual attitude, you are way above the others already. The company would know that you realize the value of your’s and other’s time and respect it totally.

5. The Interview

Too much pardon ME can actually make you lose out on the opportunity. You need to be an excellent listener when you are attending an interview. You should listen and understand the question thrown at you before you start answering. Remember the interviewer is also testing your grasp level and your presence of mind. So make sure you are alert and confident when taking an interview. Include your study on the company while answering some questions. Certain things like, “as your company follows these policies, such research would be useful”, are always a good statement to make.  This shows that you are well aware of what their company does and, would be a worthy candidate for them.

6. Take Charge of Interview

To stand out in an interview, you need to take charge of the interview. Essentially, you should drive the questions towards areas you are an expert in. When an interviewer opens the interview, make sure the answer to the first question aims towards questions from the area where you are good. This way you will be more confident and give good answers.

7. Asking Questions

An interview is a commonplace where the interviewer and the interviewee participate to know each other. The interviewee also gets a chance to know more about the company and the kind of work-profile being offered. A good interviewee should always ask questions while in the interview. This way he would portray eagerness and enthusiasm to learn more about the company. This gives out the interviewee’s desire to get the job and run the profile. So make sure you ask sensible questions to your interviewer.

8. Body Language

Most people undervalue the importance of body language. A proper posture, smile, eye contact and flexibility of your body are very important in an interview. It defines you.  Remember your body speaks along with your voice when you are in an interview.  So make sure your body speaks great in-front of the interviewer. It should ideally portray you as a flexible and confident person.

Standing out in an interview gives you a sure-shot way of winning the interview. If you follow the steps and show 100% determination towards the interview, you will surely pass the interview and get the job in question.

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