Ways to Say Sorry to Your Girlfriend

They say to err is human, to forgive is divine. The problem is, no one talks about how to say sorry. To many people, sorry seems to be the hardest word and to some, they just don’t know how to express it. This article will help you in doing just that. We all make mistakes and we all at times, hurt the one we love the most. But, an apology from heart can wash away even the dirtiest of stains of pain that at times, even time can’t wash away. We all need forgiveness in life, but we don’t know how to ask for it, how long to ask it, and what to do in order to tell the other person that you are genuinely sorry.

The love relationship is the one relationship that sees the most ups and downs of life. Some refer to it as a roller coaster ride, others to a bumpy ride. But, one thing that no one denies and can deny is the fact that it brings out the best in us. In a relationship, there are fights. Some fights lasts for some time, others lifelong. But, if you are someone who has hurt the one you love, your girlfriend and are looking for ways to say sorry to your girlfriend, then you are at the right spot. Saying sorry just for the sake of saying it will not help you win your love back or take away the hurt. Your approach should be genuine and honest. No relationship is untouched by arguments, silly fights and jealousy. But, one should know when is the right time to apologize and the ways one use to say sorry.

Mentioned below are some ways which you can use if you want to patch up with your girlfriend and revive your loving relationship again.

Ways to Say Sorry to Your Girlfriend

1. Be Expressive:

If there was some argument or a silly fight that you had with your girlfriend and you ended up hurting her, then the best possible way is to just tell her simply that you are sorry. But, time plays a very important role. Let the feeling sink in to her; give her some time to recover. Don’t bug her with sorry texts. Usually, when people are hurt, they act in a weird way. It happens because they were never expected to get pain or get hurt by the one they loved and who claimed to love them.

Allow her to recover. Give her a call after a few days, according to the temperament of your girlfriend. In the time being, you can analyse the situation, as to what went wrong on that day and how you can avoid it next time when a similar situation pops up.

2. Write an Apology:

Some people are less expressive. They may be genuine in their sorry but they just don’t know how to say it. If you are someone who finds it very difficult to express, then you can express your feeling by writing an apology to her. Girls simply love it when they see their guy making efforts just to make her smile.

You can give the letter a romantic touch. This will increase the chances of her getting forgetting the hurt more quickly. When two people get committed in a relationship, they become a part of each other’s lives. Whenever there are fights or arguments, couples tend to take it very personally. This happens as both have become part of each other’s lives. So, when you apologize to her by writing a letter, make sure you do it with all honesty and love.

3. Sing her a Song:

Whether you are a singer or not, try to sing her a song that would make her feel special. Music fits every situation and it has the ability to invoke the deepest and hidden emotions out of a person. Even if you are not a very good singer, and still when you sing a song for her, she will surely forget the hurt and get back to you.

One needs and has to remember that it is the efforts that matters. The person who loves you knows you in and out. When she sees you making serious efforts to make her feel alright and that you are sorry for hurting her, she will definitely appreciate your efforts and love you back by forgiving you. You need to remember, if you are genuinely sorry for hurting her, even when she is not receptive to your efforts you should still try reaching out to her. One should never give up on the ones they love.

You can also choose to write her a poem expressing your feelings for her.

4. Sorry Card:

One of the oldest and the best ways of expressing your apology to your girlfriend is by buying her a sorry card. You can write something on the card and give it to her. No matter what you do, you should do it only and purely out of love, because what comes out of heart reaches the heart. A sorry card with some flowers are a perfect way to tell the person you love that you are sorry for hurting their feelings.

You can choose to write a poem or a quote inside the card that will give her the insight of what you are feeling inside. It will tell her that, you are not happy by hurting her and you really want to fix things and get her back in your life. The card should carry your emotions to her, so that she gets forgets the hurt and start afresh with you.

5. Don’t Push:

If you have hurt your girlfriend and you want things to become alright, then you need to remember that it takes time for messed up things to become alright again. Don’t push her by bugging her with text messages or harassing her in the public to get back to you. Give her sufficient time to get over the hurt and respond to your efforts. You need to be very patient and loving.

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