Ways to Propose to Your Boyfriend

You’ve been in a relationship with your “Mr. Right” for quite sometime now. However you’ve failed to keep a count of the number of opportune occasions that have been wasted when you almost felt that he’d pop the ultimate question. You’re still waiting because you tend to be very optimistic and firmly believe that one of these days, he’d surely go down on his knees and take your hand in his and ask you to marry him. Well, good luck to you if he does but the million dollar question is:-are you going to wait for an eternity for him to propose to you?

It has always been the man who has taken the initiative to make the first move to befriend a woman and then eventually go on to make the marriage proposition. So, you’ve grown up believing that the onus of popping the question falls on your boyfriend. But if your partner has been making you wait endlessly and you don’t foresee any chances of his making the proposal any time soon then why not turn the tables on him by asking him to marry you?

In doing so, you’d not only be breaking an age old tradition but also take your companion by surprise. Genders are switching roles nowadays, and many men these days expect women to shed their inhibitions and allow their girlfriends to take the enterprise in asking them if they’re ready to take the plunge.

So, you can always go ahead with the wedding proposal but since you’re a woman, your ways and approaches would be markedly different from that of a man. You’ve got to be more creative and romantic when making a proposal. Most importantly, both of you should be mentally prepared to settle down before you can ask for his hand in marriage. Check out the following Ways to Propose to Your Boyfriend.

Proposing to Boyfriend

1. Naturalness Takes the Cake

Remember that as a woman, you never have to try too hard to sound out your proposal. As least you may not need to go to the extent that a man has to woo his girlfriend. However, you should never lose sight of the fact you’re making an offer (of marriage) which generally is a prerogative of the male, and therefore the proposal offer should come from his end in the first place.

So, if you’ve taken it upon yourself to make the proposition, then tread very cautiously. Don’t make it excessively romantic or melodramatic like as they do in the movies. So, roses, chocolates, and anything else which unmistakably takes on an effeminate character during such occasions are definitely out. You’ve got to visualize the entire situation from his perspective. So, you can say it with champagne just when the candlelight is casting a perfect silhouette of your man on the wall but take care not to overdo it!

2. Be A Little Inventive or Ingenious

One splendid way of proposing to your man would be to gift him an expensive watch or a bottle of his favourite perfume that’ll simply floor him. There’s nothing to feel guilty about it as you’re presenting the gift with utmost sincerity and with all your heart.

You may have a feeling that you’re trying to bribe your way into making the offer but don’t you think your boyfriend would have taken a similar approach had he taken the initiative? If men can go the whole hog presenting costly gifts and memorabilia without feeling apologetic, then there is absolutely no reason as to why you should.

If you’ve already decided to pop the question with a souvenir, then be a little inventive or imaginative. How about a motorcycle that oozes class and masculinity or an advanced exercising bike?

3. Making it Nostalgic

If you’ve set your heart upon making the proposal yourself then probably it is going to be the first and last time in your life that you’d be taking such a decision. Therefore, it goes without saying that you’d want to make the occasion so memorable and special that your partner is going to reminisce about the moments for the rest of his life.

oHoHowever, you don’t have to go to the end of the earth to personalize the occasion and make it really unique. You two would just need to revisit any of the places or destinations that used to be your favourite dating spots to make the occasion nostalgic and evocative. He’d be simply enamoured of you if you can arrange to have his choicest dishes and drinks served to him!

4. Cook a Dish He Likes and Then Propose

Many women, before you, have taken this route to win over their man. So, you too can steal his heart and seal the deal by rustling up his favourite dish. In fact, it is one of the most convenient of ways of winning his heart in a manner as you did when you met for the first time.

By preparing a meal that he raves about will clearly demonstrate that you still care for him in the same way as you always had. However, if your culinary skills are nothing to write home about, then you always have the option of taking him to a restaurant or ordering his preferred dish at home. Take your time in making the proposal.

5. Make it as Exclusive and Private as Possible

When it comes to making a wedding proposal, women like their men to pop the question in a very elaborate manner with a lot of hype and hoopla. Most women fancy being in an upscale restaurant where their boyfriends go down on their knees before asking “will you marry me” that is immediately followed by an enthusiastic applause once you give your consent.

Nevertheless, men like to keep the entire process private and low-key. So, think of a venue that is far from the madding crowd and the hustle bustle of the city. After all, you’re going to propose only once in your life and therefore would like to pull out all the stops to make the event a grand success.

6. Hold Your Breath and Be Patient

You may tend to become a little fidgety and impatient at times if your boyfriend seems to be dithering as far as the proposal is concerned. Nonetheless, it won’t be a very good idea to up the ante and beat your man to it. There could be practical reasons as to why your mate is not making the proposal.

Maybe he needs more time to get settled in his job or maybe he’s looking for a good place to settle down after marriage. You can get easily swept away by emotions if you fail to read between the lines and understand what’s going on in his mind. Wait for the opportune moment before you can pop the question.

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