Ways To Plan The Perfect Family Picnic

Everybody needs to take a break once in a while to get away from the drudgery of a routine life and unwind along with his or her family. The stress of modern living can wear anybody out. Therefore, everybody needs to find leisure time for self to relax and rejuvenate so that one can get back to working ways with renewed zeal and vigor.

Now there are numerous ways and means of enjoying and relaxing together with your family. You can take your family on a week-long vacation to a picturesque spot. You can take your kids to an amusement park where they’ll find different ways of keeping themselves busy and consequently you’ll have quality time to spend with your spouse.

However, with the cost of living having gone up significantly in the past decade and the economy unable to wriggle out of the depressive phase, these diversions can burn a hole in your pocket. Vacationing would require you to make hotel reservations, book flight tickets, and reserve vehicles for touring sightseeing spots and all such arrangements can put a strain on your limited finances. So, given the depressive state of the economy, planning a perfect family picnic would perhaps be one of the most prudent and economic ways of spending quality time with your kids and spouse.

Nevertheless, if you thought that planning for a picnic with your family only entailed packing different varieties of food and then going alfresco then think again. Nowadays, you’d find most families going to great lengths to plan the ideal picnic in a nature park or in a garden teeming with varieties of plants and trees. Sometimes, even the rooftop of the house makes for a perfect setting. There are many other ideal spots that you can choose for picnicking with your family like a farmhouse or a country house.

The sole objective behind planning a picnic is to have fun with your family and give much needed company to your kids. A picnic can be a very formal and elaborate affair where you lay out a table with flower vases upon it and place chairs all around. Or, it can be as simple as spreading out a bedspread on the grass and then sitting down on it. Apprise yourself with the following Ways to Plan the Perfect Family Picnic so that you can reminisce about the occasion for a long time to come.

Ways to plan the perfect family picnic

1. The Location

All your plans, as far as planning the perfect family picnic is concerned would come to a naught if you cannot choose a nice picnicking spot. The very idea of having a picnic is to enjoy the outdoors and get one with Nature. Picnic always had been an outdoor leisure activity and it will always remain so.

When you start making plans for a picnic with your family, the first thing that you should concentrate on is choosing a location or spot that would be acceptable to all members of your family. Just imagine selecting a locale in a hurry only to find the place swarming with picnickers on your chosen day. In the first place, you’d be hard put to find a secluded place for yourself where you can sit down comfortably along with your family and put down all your picnicking supplies.

Secondly, the entire area would be strewn around with disposable waste discarded by other picnickers. You and your family would certainly not want to waste your day out by choosing a spot that remains crowded for better part of the year. First of all, you should decide on a location that is situated a little far away from the city proper.

You’d come across many nature parks or botanical gardens that are located on the outskirts of the town or city you stay in. Secondly, you should make proper enquiries on whether these spots would be available for picnicking on your intended date. Thirdly, choose a date that falls on a weekday rather than on a weekend so that you can avoid the crowds. Finally, take note of all the easy and quick access points to these spots so that you can get to your chosen spot quite early on in the morning. Do not forget to take a personal tour of some of the locations so that you’d know in advance exactly where to settle down when you get to the spot.

2. The Food Items

A picnic would seem bland and ordinary if you don’t have great food to go with the occasion. It is recommended to pack light food items for the occasion that would not become stale and inedible after a certain length of time. You can pack items like breads, cheese, yogurt packs, salad vegetables, sandwiches, jams and jellies, fruit kicks, dry fruits, hamburgers, hot dogs, cookies, pizzas, pies and so on. You’d be able to purchase most of the items from your local supermarket or grocery store.

Nevertheless, your picnic would become an event or occasion worth recalling about if you can also pack in some homemade items as well. Family members and guests or friends who may have been present in the picnic will keep talking about a homemade food item if it really tickled their taste-buds. You can browse through the net for some great picnic recipes. Add a dash of creativity to your picnic food by stuffing some small crab cakes, pita, and shrimp cocktail.

Family friends and relatives can also you out in this matter. Don’t forget to pack in desserts. No picnic is complete without desserts. Your neighborhood bakery would surely be stocking the best of confectioneries and desserts. If you or your family members are health freaks, then pack enough whole fruits.

3. Packing Food Items

You should take extra care when it comes to packing your food items especially with regard to items that are perishable like sandwiches or hamburgers. Place distinct foods items in separate ice packs or air-tight containers. Pack your picnic linens, paper towels, forks, spoons, knives, and the like separately. Use disposable and recyclable cups, saucers, and plates. Never forget to include one or two picnic coolers        . Keep your coolers in a bag that can be zip locked or in a container.

 4. Go Creative With Drinks.

If you’re planning for a picnic that is exclusively going to be a family affair, then you can pack a vintage wine bottle or a bottle of Chardonnay champagne. You can go bacchanal with your spouse and your parents while your kids are busy playing or sleeping. If you’re expecting your close friends to join in, then you can go thematic-Mexican or Italian would just be par for the course.

If you want to go the way of the Mexicans, then you’d certainly settle for guacamole, barbacoa, mixiotes, cecina, and so on. As for Mexican drinks, you can pack Mezcal, Barrilitos or Tequila. For going the Italian way, pack mozzarella cheese, pasta, risotto, salami, and so on and so forth. As for wines, you can select from Chianti, Amarone, Brunello or Barolo.

5. Don’t Forget To Pack Safety Items

To protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun and the vagaries of the weather, pack sun-creams, Band Aids, umbrellas, caps, insect repellents in a separate bag.

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