Ways to Overcome Fear During a Job Interview

Job interviews are high pressure situations for most people! It is almost like a do or die situation where you are never sure what will happen. Sometimes, you are absolutely sure that this job is yours but eventually lose it up. Rejection is an integral part of a job interview and this fear of rejection increases the nervousness among many of us. The fear of the result is so bad that it kind of ruins the process itself. This fear needs to be curbed. So, how do you get this attitude and how exactly do you face the demons of fear during your job interview.

1. Prepare Well

The first step to achieving anything in this world is to prepare well! When you start preparing or training yourself for the part you are to play, you would realize the difficulties that would come along and thus prepare for it too. When you go for an interview you should know everything about the company right from what they do to their core members. You should also be aware of the job profile for which you are being interviewed. In case there is any confusion about your job profile, you should enquire it first. This makes your task of preparing easy.

2. Perception Matters

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When you look at your interviewer as a demon and your interview as a pain inflicting campaign set against you, you are sure going to lose it out. Instead take the interview as a process to know the company you are planning for and figure out if the employer is really the kind of person you wish to be with. An interview is basically a conversation that takes place between a potential employee and a potential employer to figure out if the alliance would work out. It becomes easy to face an interview once you view it as a casual conversation between two people.

3. Rehearse in your Mind

When you are set to appear for an interview, make sure you go through that entire interview in your mind the previous day. A mapping of your interview process always helps to excel in the actual interview. Corrections can be made while you are imagining your interview. This way you can ensure that your interview goes smoothly and prevent the errors that would otherwise have occurred. Make sure whenever you rehearse your interview, imagine a successful interview. This will help gain more confidence for the upcoming interview.

4. Relaxation Techniques

Calming yourself before the big event of your life always helps. Remember this is not the last job on this earth but it is definitely worth the try. Be as optimistic about it as possible. Deep breathing always helps calm yourself! Stay away from the public banter of how bad or good their interview was. If possible sit in some corner and listen to some good calming music, take a walk along or just look into the open. All of this helps stay as calm as possible.

5. Ease Yourself

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It is very necessary that you stay calm the day before the interview. This calmness helps a lot to stay on the winning side in the interview. A leisurely walk along the path of your house absorbing fresh air would help. You should release the tensions in your muscle as well. For this you need to focus on every part and release the tension and stress and be present there. This way you are bodily prepared to face the interview the next day. A good night’s sleep allows your body to rest properly and stay alert and prepared for the upcoming interview.

6. Eating Habits before the Interview

Before the big day, you should avoid eating anything that would cause heaviness and in turn stomach problems. Eat something really light and finish your dinner early. Drink loads of water so that you are hydrated and fresh for the interview. Avoid coffee the day before the interview. Coffee is not the solution; it is the cause of all the jitters. You can have chewing gum while you are driving to your interview venue. It helps release the anxiety. Make sure you spit out the chewing gum before entering the room as it can give out a negative impression.

7. Motivate Yourself

Self-motivation is the best way to prepare yourself before the interview begins. Never say “I cannot do it”, “It is impossible to crack this interview”, “Oh God! I am scared”! All of this portrays a negative attitude which gets stuck to your mind. This negativity would then reflect in your performance in the interview. Make sure, before entering the room, you constantly tell yourself that you can do it and this job is yours. Experts say that such positive attitude helps overcoming the fear of an interview and in turn getting the job.

8. Take Control

When you enter the interview room, you should actually take control of the situation. A smile on your face sends out positive energy and gets the room filled with optimism. A handshake with your interviewer, a confident greeting makes the interview all on your side. An interviewer looks out for positivity and confidence which comes all out of you when you smile and seize control. Remember fears should be blocked out of the room.

9. Take Charge of the Interview

When the interview begins, make sure you take charge of the direction of the interview. When a question is thrown at you, your answer determines the way the interview would move. In fact, you could take their attention off their list of questions to an area in which you are good. This way you have complete control of the interview and, now you know there is nothing to fear in this interview.

Remember at the end of it all, it is very important to let it go. You should never think of the results or how you fared at the interview once you are done. All you need to do is give your hundred per cent at the time of interview.

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