Ways to Make a Good First Impression at Your New Job

Soon after your pass your graduation exams, you’re ready to step out into the big bad world to find your footing. On one hand you’re ready to take on the toughest of challenges and just raring to go as you’re full of steam.  On the other hand there’s an undercurrent of fidgetiness and edginess inside you as you’re completely in the dark about how things will turn out.

There’s always been an occasion when you did something for the first time. For instance, there had been a juncture when you started walking for the first time. There was an occasion when you uttered your first words. Whatever you did for the first time ever did make an impression. In a way, it can be said with a certain degree of conviction that life is all about making imprints or impressions that are everlasting. So, when you’re preparing to attend the first day at your first job, you’ve to strike the right cords when dealing with your boss and colleagues to make the perfect ‘first impressions’ that’ll last for good. Making the first impressions can be vexing and sensitive as there’s always the attendant risk of overdoing it despite your sincere intentions. There’s a very thin line, which demarcates the techniques, and etiquettes that can make all the difference between making lasting and negative impressions.

It is basic human nature to take shortcuts when it comes to categorizing people on the basis of first impressions. We form and harbour first impressions about individuals quite spontaneously, and on the spot without much forethought but once formed we carry these perceptions for almost a lifetime. More often, the ‘impressions’ or ‘perception’ we form about certain individuals are mere prejudices but we hardly change our opinions even when we realise later on that these people are not what we’ve been thinking about them. Since your new boss is going to be a key figure in shaping your future career and giving it a fillip, you surely can’t take chances as far as making a lasting impact is concerned.

After all your relationship with your new boss will determine the sort of work assignments or projects you get, the frequency of promotions, the amount of your salary hikes, and ultimately your future prospects in the company. The first few days are very crucial in your new job as your office colleagues and boss will try to create an ‘image’ about you in their minds based on how you project yourself. How sincerely these people will take you will be directly proportional to how seriously you appear to take yourself but then again, you don’t need to tie yourself up in knots thinking about making a favourable impression.

Your new boss (and for matter, all potential bosses in your career path) will give you the time and space to settle into your job and will be humane enough to realize that your position has a learning curve (like any other position). So, there’s every likelihood of yours getting a ‘cooling off’ or ‘trial period’ before you can settle down in your new job position. Before you can get ready for your first day at office you can do your homework by acquainting yourself with the Ways to Make a Good First Impression at Your New Job. The following tips might be of help.


1. Be a Good Observer and Listener

Since it’s your first day at the workplace, you’d be upbeat and your head would be brimming with new and innovative ideas. So, you’d be tempted to offer your suggestions to make improvements in the working methods and tender advice to make the office a better place to work in.

If you really proceed to do so, you’d be committing a blunder on your very first day as your co-workers will not take nicely to a newbie lecturing them about work ethics. You should remember that you’re setting foot in a workplace that may have been functioning for quite a long time and where the organizational culture is clearly well developed.

You may not have any idea of about the job profiles of your colleagues in the first place and secondly, you’re yet to win their trust and confidence. Take your time in observing the workplace dynamics and listen to what your co-workers who’ve been working for a much longer period, have to say about the firm and their work experience. You can learn a lot just by observing and ‘keeping your ear to the ground’ in the first few weeks.

2. Be Positive in Your Attitude and Approach

Keeping an open mind and having a positive approach always works whatever be the situation. Exuding a positive approach in your workplace from the outset can go a long way in making a long-lasting impression on one and all. Your eagerness and passion to be part of the organization should be mirrored in the way you present yourself and in your actions. You should be reserved in your speech and mannerisms and carry yourself gracefully.

3. Be Inquisitive

Nobody expects you to pick up the nitty gritty of your new job on your very first day. You might have the propensity to impress everybody by trying to accomplish a task all by yourself and in the process you might end up messing it as you may not be familiar with the modus operandi of carrying out the chore.

Instead of trying to be over officious by attempting to complete tasks in a hurry be relaxed in your approach and take things in a little easygoing way. If you get stuck while trying to do your duty or feel that you’d need help in specific areas, you’re at liberty to ask questions to your co-workers or your boss. Exploit all the channels of communication available at your workplace and interact with an open mind.

4. You Are How You Dress

You should pay attention how you dress up for your new job. If your workplace has a dress code in place then it does not need to be mentioned that you’d have to abide by the same. In such a case, you should see to it that you report to office in clean and ironed clothes. In case your company does not have any official uniform for its staff, you should make the best out of dressing up for your work that is highly professional and is in sync with your position.

In the initial phase, you should turn up in formal attire even on ‘dressing down’ days (usually on Fridays) as you can never tell when you’ll be summoned to meet an important client or attend an impromptu meeting with your supervisors. There exists a general impression that those who’re methodical and sincere about their jobs also take sufficient care to groom themselves for their positions.

Once you become a trusted employee, you can take liberties with your dressing but in the first few months you should pay sufficient attention to how you groom yourself and dress up.

5. Show That You’re Part of the Team

A spirit of togetherness binds all employees or workers in an office that work as close-knit groups for finding solutions to problems and accomplishing set tasks. You should aim at becoming part of such a grouping in your office and always praise the team whenever something is achieved.

6. Never Miss Out on Training and Orientation Sessions

In the beginning, you might have to attend innumerable meetings, conferences, and job orientation sittings. At the outset, you’ll be looking forward to attending such sessions but your enthusiasm may start to flag and peter out in due course of time. If you don’t attend the orientation meetings, you’ll not be able to keep yourself updated and nothing could be worse than asking your colleagues repeatedly how to perform a certain chore. Not keeping yourself up to date would show your lack of interest in your job.

7. Be a Go-Getter

As a fresh employee, your workload in the initial months would be light. So, you might finish your daily errands much before the closing up hours and you’ll be left with a lot of spare time before you can leave for the day. Use up this free time to volunteer for extra work and help your colleagues by sharing their workload.

8. Shun Office Politics

There’s hardly any organization on the face of this earth that is completely immune from office politics. Do not get involved in office politics or participate in idle gossips or spread canards that can be damaging for your career.

9. Work beyond the Nine-to-Five Straightjacket

As a fresh recruit, your boss would expect you to be at your desk at least half an hour before the regular office time and work beyond the usual office hours. You’d certainly want to do your best to live upto his expectations.

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