Ways to Look Happy When You Feel Deeply Sad

You are devastated from within but, you need to smile and welcome the guest for the day. You are at office and you have clients coming in to meet you. You are a totally depressed being for the day but, you have to paste happiness across your face so that you can get the contract. Nothing but sadness welcomes you from within. Turmoil of frustration is building in! You want to crash down, break the walls around, curl up in your bed and sleep or maybe just want to creep into one corner and keep crying. Sadly none of this is possible. You have to wake up to a bright day, be as bright as possible and manage to go through the day. The basic question that rises in your mind with each passing day is how to manage to look happy when you are going through real depressing days?

Your depression is completely personal and sometimes you really don’t wish to show it to people around you. You seem to trust no one or feel close to no one. So the best thing is, hide your feelings and fake your happiness.

feeling deeply sad

1. The Brighter Side

Nobody lost anything when they tried looking at the brighter side of things. It is always good to see through the imperfections towards some perfect things. This could help you bring back a smile on your face and slight happiness too. Nothing becomes good or excellent just because you saw the bright side. It is just that you can choose to ignore the things that upset you and see what you can do with whatever is you have. You would suddenly realize that things are not completely out of your hand and you can still do something about it.

2. The Fake Smile

Happiness comes naturally but, smiles can be faked easily. Smile proves your happiness to a great extent. Smile shows more than happiness – it shows interest, liking and it beautifies your face. Smile is the best medicine for everything. In your case, where you wish to portray an emotion like happiness – smile plays an important role. It is not really easy to smile when you really wish to cry. But, you need to do it so that you can manage your regular affairs. Remember, your depression/sadness should not stop you from going through your daily affairs. The initial hiccup of smile once managed, can fake your happiness anywhere before anyone. Maybe this fake smile can help you grow happy from within as well.

3. Choose Happy Companions

When you are sad or depressed from within, make sure you do not choose grumbling companions. They just add up to your miseries. When you really wish to forget some details of whatever things made you sad, they will actually make you remember all of that. At this point of depression, you need company that keeps you entertained. You actually don’t need to discuss your personal affairs with anyone in such cases. Those moments when you hang out with these people would actually make you forget the bad thing in your life. So, it is suggested that you actually surround yourself with happy people so that you can get over your sadness pangs.

4. The Helping Hand

This is one of the best ways to feel a bit happy. Think of someone else for once instead of thinking of your miseries. Sometimes it also helps you feel happy from within. Your life’s imperfect at the moment but you cannot help it in anyway. How about helping someone you actually can? This could give you a bit of satisfaction and an inner happiness. Help need not be towards the needy only. It could be your parents going through some trouble, your friend being upset over something or something similar. Remember helping someone could actually give you peace within.

5. Keep Yourself Occupied

An idle mind is indeed the worst thing to have in a depression phase. It creates great amount of miseries and problems. It cherishes depression and loves to upset the heart and soul over it. If your mind is idle, you are bound to get surrounded by sad thoughts and images. Don’t let yourself idle for even a minute when you are sad from within. It is really not a good thing to do. You could join some hobby classes, work yourself at the office or maybe go someplace with friends. Some hobby that you had given up on could be continued at this moment. You need to make sure your mind is occupied in such a way that it does not allow depressing thoughts.

6. The Laughter Medicine

Laughter has solved many a problems. Even if you don’t wish to laugh, try laughing without reason. Sometimes it helps get out those hidden frustrations. It is the best gamble when you wish to feel happy. It is an exercise that is must for the jaws and for your inner peace. You could try the laughter club out or maybe attend some comedy gigs, whichever pleases you. Laughter has a unique happiness quotient present within it. When you laugh, you are actually creating a happy space for yourself.

7. Pamper Yourself

You should ideally take some time out of your sadness and pamper yourself. It could be anything. Treating yourself to some good food at a good restaurant, attending a game at the local club or maybe going to the salon to get your hair done. You could even treat yourself to a day off from work and being with friends. It should be something that keeps you away from sadness.

8. Don’t Hit the Wrong Side

It is good to stop thinking about all the wrong things that have possibly occurred in your life. Remember, thinking about things that make you sad would possibly trigger all the wrong emotions. So, it is best to stay away from these thoughts.

None of this is easy but, who said life is easy. Remember nothing, not even sadness, is more important than your own self and nothing is permanent in this world. Sadness is a phase and like everything else in live, it will pass one day or the other.

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