Ways to Know If Your Husband is Unfaithful

A woman’s intuition is very strong and powerful. It works best especially when her husband is found to be cheating on her. She would be right in most cases when suspecting her husband is having an affair with someone else. It is a natural ability that has been transpired into her. If you are a woman, you would understand this intuition completely. But, it is indeed difficult to say if it is your intuition or your insecurity. You can never be sure of it unless you start studying your husband’s activities. You might get an idea once you start monitoring him in a casual way if your intuition is right or wrong. There are indeed many ways to know if your husband is being unfaithful to you. You just need to notice those signs that he is giving out unintentionally.


1. Phone Calls Made in Private

During certain calls, he ensures he is alone. He either moves away from you or, cuts the call in your presence. If this is a continual affair, it is indeed possible that he is having an affair outside. This is not really a clear cut sign but, it definitely is a sign. You can say that this is a sign if it has been recently developed. If he waits for you to go out of the room before making a call, then he is probably involved elsewhere too.

2. History Deletion

Your husband used to let you know everything happening in his life in the past. All of a sudden he has become very secretive. You find that his call logs, his messages, his internet history is deleted. In fact, you find that he is operating from other E-mail IDs as well of which you are not a part. You would find this strange behaviour worth noticing. This is one of the best signs to say he is involved. The moment he finishes a call or typing out a message, whoosh, it is deleted. Don’t miss out on these signs.

3. Avoids Attending Events/Functions

He is becoming unavailable for all the social gatherings, family functions and school events. All of a sudden you are attending them alone and, making up some excuses for him. It is also possible that he drops you off at the event, says hi to all and leaves making up an excuse. Watch out for these signs. If you find that it is happening pretty frequently, you should be concerned about them. Once or twice, it could be genuine. So, don’t jump to conclusions immediately. Look at the frequency of these things.

4. Spending Time with Someone Else

A colleague or friend has gained more importance in his life than anyone else. You find your husband talking about her more or, in fact being around her, helping her out more. This should make you concerned if at any point of this help or talk you are not being involved. If he prefers spending time with that friend alone and, makes it a point to be with her every day or has long phone conversations with her, it is time to pull up your sleeves and learn more about the relationship that is under progress.

5. Intimacy Levels Dipping

Are the intimacy levels hitting an all-time low between you and your husband? All of a sudden, he no longer wishes to touch you or be close to you physically. When you try to hug him or wish to be close to him, he tries to push you away. He is driving himself farther away from you. The only thing that binds the two of you together is probably the kids. Otherwise, he has lost all his interest in you. This could be a sign of there being a second woman in his life. A probable sign that you need to dig deep to find out the actual happenings.

6. The Constant Fights & Criticisms

Does he constantly pick up a fight with you? Does this fight ever end up in resolution or does he pick up his stuff and move out of the home? If he walks out on you after an argument frequently, there is definitely something to be concerned about. If he has brought on a lot of criticism related to you on the floor, it is possible that he is involved elsewhere gaining some happiness. You may seem full of faults to him. This could be very nasty at times. These signs should instantly attract you enough to find out more on what is happening.

7. The Secretive Husband

If your husband walks out of the door without telling you where he is going or, is out and does not tell you where, he may be having an affair. You are not supposed to touch his phones; you are no longer his alter ego as he used to call you at some point. You suddenly find out that he has got frequent out station tours that keep him occupied. He has two social networking IDs on of which you are aware of only one. These are all the signs of your husband being in another relationship or, at least progressing towards it.

8. Your Marriage Unimportant to Him

This is a common sign. It is possible that you and your husband may share differences and, are thus going through a downhill. But, if your husband no longer gives you or the marriage any importance or, he is way too involved in his self to see you, it is possible that there is someone else in his life. He is no longer concerned about you or your affairs. He just does not behave the same old affectionate self anymore. In fact, he shrugs off your affectionate movements too. This could indeed be a sign of here being something wrong.

These are all signs that you need to watch out for. If these happen way too frequently, you need to be concerned about your marriage. So, instead of ignoring your intuition, watch out for these signs and confirm.

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