Ways to Handle Selfish and Inconsiderate Boyfriend

A relationship needs the love and support of both the partners. Without the effort of any one of the parties, it becomes very difficult to survive in a relationship. Love is selfless and considerate. A relationship is destined to suffer if the love is not selfless and considerate. Having a partner with attitude completely opposite than the above mentioned is very difficult to handle. Life becomes hard and full of turmoil when your boyfriend is not at all receptive to your love and affection. But, life is full of struggles and doesn’t bless you with happiness until you work hard for it.

Selfishness is not at all the attribute of love. If your boyfriend is selfish and very inconsiderate towards you, then you need to take a step back and pause for a while. Love is blind. It, at times, blinds our senses and our ability to reason. There are certain ways to handle your selfish and inconsiderate boyfriend. You can make him actually realise that love does not mean to be selfish or inconsiderate.

selfish boyfriend

1. Think:

Before you do anything about your selfish and inconsiderate boyfriend, give a little thought about the expectations you had from a relationship. If you still want to continue with your boyfriend, even after knowing his weakness, then this article will interest you.  A relationship can never be continued if one of the partners is not willing to hold on. But, the other side of the coin is that, a relationship can still regain its sweetness when one of the partners holds on.

2. Understand:

There are different reasons and ways, why people behave in a certain way. In order to get to the bottom of the problem, you need to understand the reason of your boyfriend’s behaviour. A reality check is necessary for you in order to understand the seriousness of the situation.

  • A reality check

Does your boyfriend love you? No one has the answer to such a direct question. He may say that he does, but the problem is not in what he says, but what he does. You need a reality check to keep yourself away from further heart break.

  • Observe

Action speaks volumes about the nature of the person. Your boyfriend’s actions will help you to get a faint hint of his intentions or an insight to his mind. If his actions and words are always self- centred and he does not give any value to your dreams and emotions, then it’s time for you to rethink.

3. Introspection:

The ability to look inside your own heart is something which will help you to understand why certain people behave in a way they do. Introspection is necessary on your part. This will enable you to understand why your boyfriend is behaving in this manner. The problem could either be in you or it could be with your boyfriend. Before treating a problem, it is very important to actually diagnose it.

Once you know the root cause of the problem, solution is next to follow. Most of the times, we waste our time in shooting arrows in the dark. This leaves us distressed and discouraged. A right approach to the right problem will help us in achieving the right target.

The possible reasons for your boyfriend’s selfish and inconsiderate attitude could be;

  • Indifference

Many people fail to recognize this problem in themselves. They expect the other person to be caring and loving, but fail to do the same. Indifference has been the problem that most couples try to combat every day. See to it that if your indifference towards your boyfriend has turned him into an inconsiderate one.

  • Taken for granted

The most inevitable attitude that one tends to have in a relationship is that of a taken for granted. Most of the times the goodness of a partner is abused and her love is taken for granted, by which it means not recognising the actions of a person. Many times the guy is too busy in his own world and is not able to see the sacrifices made by the girl. This kind of attitude can harm the relationship and make it a sour one. If you feel your boyfriend is taking your kindness for granted, take a deep thought and communicate this message to him. Remember to be calm and maintain your composure. Don’t lose hope, talking always helps. If he understands your concerns then your relationship will become better and if he doesn’t then you know it’s time for you to move on.

4. Love:

Love is the basic requirement of every relationship. There can be no better way to handle your selfish and inconsiderate boyfriend, than to tackle him with love. Love can only help him to understand things better and will trigger the change in him. Most relationships fail because people don’t put enough effort in a relationship. No one is perfect, neither is anyone supposed to be. Imperfection can be removed by perfect love.

Love him unconditionally and make sure he sees it and knows it. If he doesn’t recognise your efforts make him realise by talking to him calmly. Give him a space and chance to change.

5. Care:

Care is a powerful emotion, which is very hard to ignore. If you care for your boyfriend, he is sure to feel it but if he is inconsiderate he might not acknowledge your endeavours. Your care is shown in little things you do and in small words of kindness. Caring for a selfish boyfriend however is a tough task. When you feel disheartened just be patient and talk to him gently. Make sure he notices your efforts and responds to them.

6. Perseverance:

As an old saying goes, perseverance pays. Your little acts of goodness in the form of love care and concern will reward you but it is necessary for you to hold on to bad times. When you wait for the right time, you will see the change in your man. It always takes some time for people to realise their mistakes and them change themselves for the better. When you support him in unhappy times, he is sure to love you for a lifetime.

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