Ways to Flirt with a Girl in a Friendly Way

Flirting in itself is a tricky art form that is too difficult to do right for many a man. Flirting in a friendly way is a subtler version of flirting, harder and trickier. There might be many reasons for you to flirt in a friendly way – maybe you do not want to create the wrong impression right from the start by coming on too strongly; maybe you do not feel the time is right to indulge in a relationship with her; maybe you just want to have fun without any serious repercussion to it.

Although many believe flirting in a friendly way is the right way to flirt with somebody-which it is, if done right- without having to face the cold shoulder, what many forget is that this type of flirting also has the power to thrust one into the friend zone- if not done correctly- without them even realizing it; bit of a double edged sword, if you think about it. But, there are some simple ways in which you could easily sidestep that massive pitfall. It all depends on how you look at her and what you say to her. From a girls’ point of view, this type of flirting is always better than some random guy walking up to her and belching out corny, perverted pick up lines in the name of flirting. An important thing to note here is that even though this is a subtler form of flirting, it still requires you to, in small doses, show that flirting is what you are doing; if not it might not have the desired effect on the women and you might be friend zoned in a heartbeat.

Ways to Flirt with a Girl in a Friendly Way

1. Be Genuine

The first and foremost difference between ordinary flirting and friendly flirting is this. How genuine you are really decides what kind of flirting takes place. When you are genuine and try to be the best man you can be, then the conversation and flirting in general tend to be more flowing. Women are so used to guys hitting on them while pretending to be something they are not; and this drives them nuts. The very sight of a man coming up to them to talk about something as pretentious as he is – is something that women loathe. So, being genuine helps; it is the most important thing to keep in mind when you decide to flirt with someone.

2. Opening Line

The opening line that you say to a woman when you have just met her is also important if you are hoping for a bit of friendly flirting. The opening lines nowadays have been unfortunately transformed to these cheesy, insincere and sometimes perverted dialogues that women generally do not buy into. When you approach her, make sure that your opening line is simple, nothing fancy or racy. It just have to sweet and simple, and you will have her attention- and isn’t that what opening lines are meant for! Prepare some simple opening lines before you go if you are constantly found wanting in that department.

3. Compliments That Last

It is also a good idea, when you are complementing her, to be more specific: “You look really cute, and it matches your cute smile.” Or “Your dress looks absolutely beautiful; it goes in perfect tandem with your beauty.” The thing with being specific is that the next time she looks at the dress, she is definitely going to remember your compliment. This way, you continue to be in her thoughts even you are not really there. There is also nothing wrong with complementing her looks or her dress; women generally fall hook, line and sinker for it, they love it. It is a confidence as well as an ego boost for them to hear specific compliments; so let them have one and let them appreciate you for giving them one.

4. Body Language

This is a crucial part of flirting, friendly or otherwise. Body language conveys a lot more than what your words do. Your body language showcases your confidence and women admire a person brimming with confidence.

Smile when you are talking to women. When you smile, the whole mood between the two of you stays warm and light. Women feel more comfortable if you have a constant smile on your face; but find the line between smiling with confidence and smiling with nervousness. Your smile will in all probability elicit one from her, setting the tone for the conversation.

You also need to indicate, through your body, that you are flirting. Nothing over the top, but a gentle touch or even an “accidental” touch can break the touch barrier and thereby bring you two a little bit closer. Your body must also indicate the fact that you are excited to spend time with her.

5. A Funny Bone

Women are easily won over if you have a funny bone. Cracking jokes and making her laugh are important aspects in flirting. Jokes are funny and entertaining and ensure that she will have some funny memories when she thinks about you; it could also be the other way around- when she thinks about you, she thinks of funny memories. This portrays the image of you being funny and charming and that in turn will remind her of how wonderful and amazing you are to spend time with. If you are not good with jokes, then have some casual jokes or one-liners prepared; they help big time. Being funny also helps as it diffuses any tension or awkwardness when you are going over to flirt with a woman you don’t know at all.

Also when you are flirting, make it short. It whets her desire and she will want to spend more time with you. If you follow the above steps closely, you will find that you are able to flirt in a friendly way that bodes well for you and any relationship that you hope to strike up with the woman.

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