Ways to Bring a Shy Guy Out of His Shell Easily

Coyness is something that puts off lots of women. Though at times it looks cute on men, but being shy always is not a good sign. Action speaks volumes about the personality of a person. By being shy, a guy gives a negative impression about his personality. It is very important for a guy to come out of his shell and enjoy a relationship, which otherwise would becomes very dull. There are various ways to bring a shy guy out of his shell easily. But, maximum effort is needed from the guy himself. There are a lot of problems that one faces in a relationship when things are hidden behind the veil of shyness.

It is very important for the guy to be out of his shell, especially if he’s in a relationship. When guys fail to recognize this aspect, it becomes the responsibility of the girlfriend to get her guy out of his shell. This might be a daunting task, as guys by nature are very stubborn. But, surely the effort is worth a shot, as it will ensure a free flow of thoughts and emotions in a relationship, which are very important and necessary.

To begin this procedure, we need to classify the problem or the cause for their shyness. There can be many reasons for their shyness. Some are mentioned below which will help you to categorize and understand your guy’s problem.

shy boyfriend


Some guys are shy by nature. Whenever they are subjected to any kind of situation, their approach is very sluggish. If your boyfriend gets shy while talking to you on any sensitive issue or feels out of place in the company of your friends or people, then it is a clear sign that he is naturally shy. People are shy by nature. Sometimes they are like that because by being shy, they forge a defence mechanism. They do that because they feel nervous about meeting new people or touching new or sensitive topics.

Ever felt strange when your boyfriend became very quiet in a party or in the company of your friends?  This could be because he is either too afraid or too nervous about meeting new people.


While some guys are shy by nature, others take the shield of shyness to avoid certain problems. They might seem ignorant, but the truth is they are too afraid to do anything in the situation they are in. They get shy in order to dodge any serious question or issue. Some guys can be shy if they have any kind of depression. It has been seen that 7 out of 10 guys are shy because of some kind of depression. So, while handling this problem, you need to be extra cautious.

The Remedy

Since we have classified different categories, it’s time to find out the remedy. A gentle and a loving approach is a must if you want your boyfriend to live, feel and express freely rather than taking the shelter of coyness.

1. Open Talk:

Talking openly to your boyfriend about this issue is the best way to start the process. All things spark off with a talk and end with a talk. Communication is the most important tool that couples must use from time to time to enhance and strengthen their relationship. You need to talk to your guy about this, if his shy nature has affected you or the relationship in any way.

When you talk to your boyfriend about the problem, have an open mind and a very open approach. If you want your boyfriend to talk openly to you, then you must give him a good ground to start on. Be calm even if you don’t get the desired result in one go. Remember love is a continuous process.

2. Comfort Level:

While some may be toying with the idea of an open talk, they fail to prepare the breeding ground for that. Guys, by nature, are actually a very tough nut to crack. The harder you hit, the harder they react. If you expect your boyfriend to start opening up the moment you talk to him about the problem, then you are wrong.

He may accept the problem or may bluntly deny it. It is very important for you to understand the comfort level of your boyfriend. You have to make him comfortable and take small baby steps if you want him to open up. Once he opens up, then you will know the problem and together you can help him get out of his shell.

3. Step by Step:

The step by step approach is the best approach. Don’t expect your boyfriend to tell you everything in one go. People react differently to a situation. He may do that in once or he might take some time for that. You need to be patient as you peel off one layer at a time. Again, this is possible only when you make the guy comfortable in sharing his thoughts and fears with you.

As we saw earlier that shyness can be natural or circumstantial. Depression has emerged to be the prime reason in circumstantial coyness. If the reason for your boyfriend’s shy nature is depression, then you need to be extra cautious, loving and caring. As he opens up and tells you about himself, be very patient and loving.

4. Patience:

Patience is indeed a virtue. You need to be very patient. Good things can be achieved only when you hold on to those things. Hearing him out from time to time and putting yourself in his shoes would help you to be patient.

It’s your patience and perseverance that will help you to strike a balance in a relationship with your boyfriend and make him fully comfortable to come out of his shell.

5. Love:

Nothing works better than love. It has the power to heal. Your love and affection for him will make him comfortable and sure of you. Once he understands that his shy nature is causing problems in the relationship and that you are making every effort to help him get out of his shell, he will open up. There is no one in this world who will not understand the language of love. Your love for him will break this barrier of shy nature and help him to open up and live freely.

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