Smart Ways to know if Your Long Distance Relationship Fading Away

If you’re someone who has been maintaining a long distance relationship with your heartthrob, then it’s quite natural to be constantly haunted by a feeling that your affair is going to fall through. That’s how most individuals who are in a long distance association actually feel as a matter of fact. It’s hardly surprising that a majority of the long distance affairs do not last in the long run as the persons involved are unable to put up with the pretense of a being in a real relationship. Have you ever figured out the ways to know if your long distance relationship fading away?

After all, how long can you manage to keep your long-distance affair in the pink of health just on the basis of emails, phone-calls, and text messages? Just like you’d need food, water, and oxygen to survive, your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend too would need the necessary inputs to sustain itself. Obviously, the best way of prolonging and fortifying your association with your soul-mate is by meeting him or her in person once in a while.

You’d need to keep dating each other more often so that you can become familiar with your prospective mate. You’d need to spend quality time with your potential partner to ensure whether that person is the right one to settle down with in life. There are so many things that you can do together to get to know each other in a better way. You can go to the movies, have dinner once in a while, and go on a short trip.

A Long Distance Relationship can Become Tough to Sustain

Since you’re association with your boyfriend or girlfriend is undoubtedly interspersed with passion, you’ll frequently end up having sex once the relationship attains a degree of maturity. Evidently enough, you won’t have access to these privileges when you’re in a long distance relationship. A long distance relationship can never be fulfilling in the real sense of the term because you don’t get to see your partner for long periods of time or whenever you wish to.

There are so many alternatives that you’ve at your disposal if you want to take your romantic liaison to the next level when you stay close to your partner. However, since your long distance relationship does not allow you to avail of these alternatives or options, it is destined to fall apart. Moreover, it can indeed be tough to sustain an association when you and your partner stay thousands of miles apart from each other.

Since you know that your partner cannot see you or get in touch with you whenever he or she wants to, the temptation to stray is very high. Therefore, LDRs (long distance relationships) have a high rate of infidelity.  If you perceive that it’ll not be possible for you to carry on with your long-distance affair, you can choose to end it on your own or decide to call it off mutually. But what are the Ways to Know If Your Long Distance Relationship Is Fading Away? Following are some of the ways that’ll help you to decide if it’s time to draw the curtains down on your relationship.

A Long Distance Relationship can Become Tough to Sustain

1. The Drive or Urge to Communicate Takes a Beating.

If you have been in a long distance relationship for a long time, then you may not always feel like conversing with your partner for hours on end. Now, having such a feeling is quite natural because it rarely happens that you don’t talk to your soul mate for a long duration. But if it frequently happens that you don’t feel the urge to talk to your mate, then there is cause for alarm.

By the same token, if you see that your partner also does not call you more often as he or she used to in the past, then you more or less conclude that something is amiss in your association. It goes without saying that one should always strive to maintain the minimum level of communication in an affair and doubly so if the relationship happens to be a long distance one. So, when the drive to communicate with your prospective better half is lacking, you know that your relationship has hit rock-bottom.

The Drive or Urge to Communicate Takes a Beating

2. You Often Forget to Pay Compliments to Your Partner.

When your long distance liaison is going strong, you don’t need to make an effort to pay compliments to your partner. Praising your heartthrob for a job well done or making an encouraging remark for just about anything happens spontaneously. However, if you often find yourself forgetting to compliment your boyfriend or girlfriend while speaking over the phone or during online chats, you know that you’re drifting apart from your sweetheart. When the emotional attachment that you have with your partner starts wearing away, you involuntarily discontinue using terms or words of endearment.

You Often Forget to Pay Compliments to Your Partner

3. You Lack the Motivation to Meet Your Partner.

This is perhaps the most glaring and conspicuous sign that love is eroding fast from your long distance relationship. If you see yourself trying your level best to avoid meeting your beloved, then it’s a palpable sign that you don’t find your him or her appealing or attractive anymore. Since meeting your darling would naturally require you to engage in a conversation or even get intimate, an unwillingness to meet would imply that you are gradually losing interest in him or her.

You Lack the Motivation to Meet Your Partner

4. You Strongly Feel that You’re Being Ignored When You’re With Him or Her.

On the rare occasions that you get to see your partner in flesh and blood (since you’re in a long distance relationship), you find him/her manifestly ignoring you. He or she behaves with you in a manner as if you are just another individual he or she meets everyday in the daily course of life. You can instinctively feel that your heartthrob, who once told you that his or her world revolved around you, is evidently trying to avoid you. And because of your partner’s indifferent stance towards you, the affection that you once had for him/her starts evaporating.

You Strongly Feel that You’re Being Ignored When You’re With Him or Her

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