8 Easy Ways to Know When a Guy Loves You

6. He’ll Behave Differently

Try socializing with him when he’s hanging out with his close friends. Then again, observe his behaviour from a distance (so that he’s not aware that you’re around) when he’s with his friends. Does he become a different person when you’re nearby him or is he the self-same individual irrespective of whether you’re around him or not?

In case he behaves differently, he’ll have his distinctive trait of showing it. Some guys tend to be more reserved and reticent while their loved ones happens to be in the vicinity, some tend to be quite exuberant and funny, and some happen to be diffident and nervous. So, if the guy behaves in a fashion that is different and distinct from the manner he behaves under normal circumstances, you can be fairly certain that he’s crazy about you.

He’ll Behave Differently

7. He’ll Ask for Your Phone Number

A guy won’t unnecessarily ask for your phone number just for the heck for it. Especially, if the guy happens to be of the gregarious and outgoing type, he’ll not pester you into giving your mobile number if he’s not obsessed about you. He’ll have more than his fair share of contacts to keep him busy throughout the day. The reasons for which a guy would request you for your cellphone number other than trying to get intimate with you are very few indeed.

Two of these could be that he’s trying to use you as a via media to get in touch with others, and that he needs you to help him out with something. Just listen carefully to the reasons why he needs your number. They’re most likely to be awkward and irrelevant. On top of that, he himself will be shaky and feel edgy in asking for the same.

He’ll Ask for Your Phone Number

8. He’ll Take an Unusual Interest in Your Likes and Dislikes

Each and every person has his or her own likes and dislikes that happen to be quite firmly entrenched or established. So, if you see a guy taking a more than usual interest in your likes or interests when he hardly gets the time to pursue his own, know that he’s hooked. For instance, if he claims to know everything about your favourite musical band and even promises to get you tickets for their next show in town, you know why he’s acting as a know-it-all.         

He’ll Take an Unusual Interest in Your Likes and Dislikes 

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