8 Easy Ways to Know When a Guy Loves You

Women are believed to be more intuitive than men particularly in matters concerning the heart. However, even as a woman, you too can sometimes have a hard time in figuring out whether a specific guy loves you as much as you do. Nevertheless you can take some solace from the fact that you’re not the only woman to have difficulty in unravelling what is really going in the mind of the person you have feelings for.

You’re more than sure that you’re head over heels in love with this guy you came across during your first day in college. However, you’re going nuts wondering if this guy has any feelings for you. You’re completely in the dark about his perspective or judgement as far as you’re concerned. You’re also not aware of the telltale signs and not-so–subtle hints by which you can make out whether he’s smitten with you to the same extent as you’re with him.

So, it goes without saying that you’d want to be doubly sure that the guy who’s almost always on your mind is equally obsessed with/about you. You want to be certain that this guy is fascinated with you before you can decide about capitalizing on this mutual attraction. If you plunge headlong with your eyes closed, you might be in for a lot of undue embarrassment that might undermine your self-confidence. You should always look before you leap, as the adage goes. There are some obvious, and some understated Ways to Know When a Guy Loves You.

1. He’s Quite Candid About it

He’ll be saving you a lot of trouble if he’s very candid and forthcoming in telling you that he likes you a lot. At least, you won’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about whether he genuinely has a crush on you. If a guy is quite expressive and outspoken in showing his interest in you then you can take it for granted that he really means it.

However, what you’d need to find out on your end is whether his infatuation is just skin-deep. In other words, you’d have to establish whether his being passionate about you is just physical or something beyond. It could be that he pities on you because he feels that you’re fragile or just wants to be friends with you. Listen carefully to his intonation when he says that he likes you.

He’s Quite Candid About it

2. He’ll bend over to Listen to You Even Though he Doesn’t Need to

In case you meet this guy at a nightclub or at a public bar, he’ll obviously have to lean in quite close to you or bend over just to make out what you’re saying. But why’d a guy who doesn’t have a thing for you will go out of the way, and strain his neck just to listen to you? If you can gauge the level of effort or exertion that a guy puts in just to be able to talk to you, you’ll be able to tell if he truly likes you.

He’ll bend over to Listen to You Even Though he Doesn’t Need to

3. He’ll Look for Ways to Approach You

If a guy loves you with all his heart, he’ll keep tabs on you. That essentially means painstakingly finding out about all the places where you can be seen and heard so that he can be around you. Once he spots you, he’ll look for ways to approach you. He’ll look for means to get closer to you and will be eager to start a conversation with you.

Irrespective of whether you meet this chap at a house party or in a recreation club, he’ll be constantly on the lookout for opportunities to come near you. He’ll introduce himself very politely and ask you questions about yourself or questions concerning topics of general interest. He’ll also try to temper the conversation with quips and funny anecdotes so that you do not lose interest in the discussion. A guy who takes a more than usual interest in you, the first time he sees you will not do so without rhyme or reason.

He’ll Look for Ways to Approach You

4. Body Language Gives it all Away

Guys try harder than girls in trying to cover up their emotions or feelings if they develop a weakness for a particular woman. However, no matter how hard they try, they’re unable to control their demeanour as their body language gives it all away. Psychologists and body language specialists are of the opinion that females display more body language signs than males to demonstrate their interest in a person.

If you indeed believe the psychologists, then you’ll have it easier when picking up the signals given off by the guys over which they have hardly any control and often quite nuanced. Nevertheless, it’ll take some time for you to correctly identify and recognize the body language signs or signals. You’d certainly want to avoid the embarrassment of erroneously deciphering innocent gestures as signs of love.

There are both obvious and obscure signs that you should be observant enough to detect. For instance, he’ll stare at you a lot if he likes you and he himself may not be quite conscious of the fact that he’s eyeing you. Then again, he’ll very particular about how he appears to others and especially to you.

He’ll try to put his best possible face to impress you. Moreover, whenever you’re around or near him, he’ll always try to face you. You’ll hardly get to see his back. He’ll look for decent ways of invading your private space. Of course, there are many other signs as well. The moot point is to decode all such signals rightly.

Body Language Gives it all Away

5. Listen Attentively to What he has to Say

Don’t underestimate or ignore what the guy says to you when you’re talking with him. Just pay heed to what he has to say and observe his reaction when you praise another guy when’s trying to sustain a conversation with you. He’ll either feel jealous or pretend as if he didn’t hear what you said regarding the other fellow.

See whether he’s interested in your dialogues and views on the subjects of discussion. If he’s taken a liking for you, he’ll be keener to observe how you express it rather than what you express. Try to touch him on the shoulder or the arm or sit in a manner where your body just brushes his while talking.

If he reciprocates your gestures by acting in a similar manner and does not take his eyes off while speaking, there’s a fair chance that he’s fascinated with you. On the other hand, if he’s unresponsive and indifferent to your trying to warm up to him, he’ll try to discourage you from getting close to him. He’ll also stick to a hands-off policy in his conversation with you. These are palpable signs that he’s disinterested in you.

Listen Attentively to What he has to Say

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