USB Thief

usb thiefUSB Thief! [Get vital information back, Retrieve Lost passwords in 2 seconds]

USB Thief. This is a collection of zip files [zip compressed] downloaded from Nirsoft Network which provides a unique collection of small and useful freeware utilities, all of them developed by NirSofer[]. Following utilities are integrated:

How to install: Format and use a clean USB Pen Drive. Then extract all the files to USB drive and eject it.

Note: Some anti viruses may say that there are Trojans in the files, but its not like that. Actually the code used to make these exes match pattern of the code written for Trojans. So you don’t need to worry as this will not harm your computer, also these files are from Nirsoft Network so if you still think that I am wrong you can ask them directly in their help center.

How Does this works: The files contain a autorun.inf file which will execute bat files and they will extract all the vital information from your computer.

Where to find the Information stored: After extraction insert the USB drive in that computer from where you want to have the information. If Auto run is disabled in the system then double click the pen drive and within 2-3 sec eject it. Now when you want the information, insert your pen drive and check the Dump folder inside your USB Pen Drive and it will have all the vital information you need ;)

Download by clicking on the link: USB Thief

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