Top Things Wives Want From Their Husbands

Love is ever demanding and rewarding. The relationship that husband and wives share with each other is considered to be the first relationship on this earth. The efforts that are needed to keep the relationship forever growing are to be based deeply in love. When people are in love, they do crazy things. The expectations that couples have from each other are always too much and why not, who doesn’t want to be loved madly? Usually, these expectations don’t go well with some people and they label their partners as too demanding. But, it is very important for us to understand that love is a verb; it involves continuous efforts from both partners.

A marriage usually suffers when there is lack of understanding from either of the partners. This article will deal with the top things wives want from their husbands, which will give an insight to husbands. This article will help them understand how to deal with your wife. As men, it is our responsibility to be loving and caring towards our wives. Often, we are so much caught up in our own lives and work that we neglect the person with whom we have decided to spend the rest of our lives.

Mentioned below are the top things that every wife wants and expects from their husbands.


1. Daily Dose of Love:

It is often said that men lose interest in their partners after marriage. As a husband, it is very important for you to know that your wife wants to know every day that you love her. Some might mistake it for their insecurity, but the world where we live is not alien to these insecurities. Every day we hear the news of marriages being broken due to infidelity. A wife always wants her husband to be in total love with her.

Love is contagious. When you show genuine love to your wife, you too will receive genuine love. Who doesn’t like to be loved unconditionally? The biggest assurance that your wife wants, needs, and expects from you is of unconditional love; that you love her in sickness and health, good times and bad times, for better or for worse. Spend as much time as possible in telling her how much you love her and how important she is in your life. Remember not to say these things only for the sake of saying. Mean everything you say!

2. Understanding:

The most important ingredient for a happy, loving and successful marriage is in understanding your partner. Most marriages fail due to lack of understanding from either of the partners. Wives strive for an understanding relationship with their husbands. Eleanor Roosevelt has said it rightly, ‘understanding is a two-way street.

You will notice that most of the arguments or fights occur due to lack of understanding from either of the partners. One of the main things that wives desperately try to avoid is a fight out of misunderstanding. An understanding husband is what they dream of. One has to understand this point that fights or arguments are inevitable in any relationship, but that doesn’t mean that we can give up on understanding. As husbands, you can try to be more understanding towards your wife and in turn she will be more understanding towards you. You need to make serious efforts in understanding your wife.

3. Forgiving:

Love is forgiving. We all make mistakes in life and we always dream of a person who will love us despite our short comings. A person with a forgiving nature is whom every woman wants as her husband. They want the person who loves them to be open minded and forgives their mistakes. A person who cannot forgive, cannot love. As husbands, you too want your wives to be forgiving. You also want them to overlook your small mistakes.

A husband with a forgiving nature is what every wife dreams of. But, by forgiving it certainly doesn’t mean that your wife takes advantage of your nature. By forgiving, we let go of certain things in order to be at peace with the person. If your wife has hurt you in the past by any of her acts, and you seriously want to get over the hurt; it is then that your forgiving nature will come to your rescue.

4. Open Conversation:

Communication plays a very vital role in the success of a relationship. An open conversation is a must in order to have a successful marriage. Most of the times, people ignore the importance of an open conversation and hence their relationship or marriage suffers. Wives want their husbands to talk openly to them about what they feel. Feelings shared are feelings respected. When couples talk openly about their feelings to each other and strive for a better understanding, then happiness and prosperity follows.

Make sure that your conversation with your wife is not only limited to your kids or work. When two people are newly in love, they can talk for hours on topic. Their conversations travel from one topic to another. The basic intention of having a conversation is to spend quality time with the person you love. Let your conversation be about what she feels. You can remember the old days when you were dating each other and what all changes have come in since your marriage. Then, you can make efforts to take out time for each other and maybe, go out for a walk or dinner or for a movie.

5. Listen:

Here’s something that most men find trouble in doing; listening. One of the main things that a wife wants from her husband is that he has time to listen to her. Most of the time, men are so much involved in their work or other activities that they miss out on spending quality time with their wives. They hardly have any kind of open conversation with their wives and hence they lack understanding.

Wives want their husbands to have time for them and what’s wrong with that? Don’t we want our wives to always have time for us? As a husband, you should learn how to balance your personal and professional life, so that you are able to give time to your wife and understand her feelings.

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