Tips to Overcome Jealousy from Your Best Friend

Jealousy is in every human being. This nature is instilled in a human being from the time of infancy. No one knows from where a child learns this nature. One of the first things that a child learns naturally is jealousy. The feeling is so incaptivating that most of the times people fail to realise it in them. The feeling of jealousy is present in all the areas of our lives. Be it in a relationship or in your job or in any other field.

An observation on jealousy says that it arises when the importance of a person is lowered or threatened by the actions of any other person. The normal human tendency to react in any situation pertaining to their success or love will have jealousy as the answer. Some people may be envious of their spouses or their siblings or their colleagues etc. It has been noted that among the many people from whom we feel jealous are our best friends. They know everything about us and we know everything about them, and that’s the reason we, at times, find it hard to digest their success or any big accomplishment by them. There are different tips to overcome jealousy from your best friend. By carefully following these tips you will find the exit door from this ever burning feeling of jealousy from your best friend.

Jealousy From best friend

1. It’s Normal:

One of the first things that you have to realise as an individual is that feeling jealous is a very natural feeling. Like all the other emotions that you have, be it anger, happiness etc, even jealousy is a part of human emotions. It is perfectly normal to feel jealous. History is full of examples where lot of wars have been triggered because of jealousy.  When your friend has this feeling for you, you need to understand that it is a normal for him or for any human to feel jealous.

The feeling of competition comes out of jealousy; it makes a person feel that if his/her best friend is doing something well then they should also do it better than their best friend. This feeling is common in studies or sports. When confronted with such a situation, make sure that you do not let it go too far. Be competitive but with your own abilities. Make him understand that every individual is different and there are certain limitations that everyone has. Not everyone can be good at everything. Be patient and help him find his interest area, pursue it and beat the odds.

2. Help Them Understand Their Capabilities:

The knowledge of one’s own capabilities will help you to reach new heights. Mostly people fail to recognize their own strength and waste their time in comparing themselves with their best friends or with anyone else. Whenever you face a situation when your friend is comparing themselves with you or with others, pause for a while, help them to relax their mind and make them think and realise about their own capabilities.

It is very natural for everyone to think that grass is greener on the other side. This attitude, however hampers our happiness and makes us discontent. Ever wondered why your happiness is short-lived? The reason could be our failure to understand our own capabilities. Everyone is unique. There is something which only you can do. There are people for whom you are indispensible. You need to bring these things into their mind the next time you sense them to be jealous.

3. Counting Thy Blessings:

It won’t be wrong to say that ungrateful people are the ones who are jealous. They are jealous because they can see no good in any good. Some people indulge themselves in self pity, feeling sorry for themselves and nursing envy for their best friends or for their colleagues. They find their lives good for nothing and their favorite time-pass is jealousy.

If one counts their blessings and see the things or the people they have in their life, then the chances are that one might never find any reason to be envious of their best friend. Very often we fail to do this and curse God for blessing our neighbour and not us. The best possible way to overcome this monster of jealousy is by realising what we have. Tell your friend about this. By explaining your best friend about these things, you can change their way of approach. Instead of getting jealous of you, they will be able to see something good in themselves.

4. Patience:

Patience is indeed a virtue. When you see your friend or your colleague getting appreciation for something genuinely good, be a sport. Just by indulging in whining and cursing for not being good enough or at least better than them will not help you in becoming better. It is always considered to be a better option to be patient and learn from others.

You can make your friend understand and learn a great deal of things by learning from other’s success as well as other’s mistakes. All you need to do for that is to brace yourself up with the armour of patience. If you lack patience, you will lack success. Be patient in situations like these and learn.

5. Work Hard:

When your best friend sees you doing well in something and gets jealous, take time out and explain your friend that you have acquired those skills with immense hard work and dedication. If he wishes to be as good as you, then he/ she must work hard. There are no shortcuts to success.

As you patiently teach your friend how to learn from their mistakes and success, explain him/ her that he needs to work hard to build his/ her own castle. Just by observing the skies alone will not help your friend in reaping the harvest. They need to sow in order to reap. One needs to work hard in order to become better than others and reap success.

6. Be Focussed:

Simply working hard like a mule doesn’t help anyone to become the best. Knowing one’s strengths and then working for them will help an individual to reach new heights. One has to be clear with one’s goals and then stick to them. Tell your friend not to blindly ape you. Having a clear thought process will ensure him/ her success. By working more on one’s weakness and by polishing one’s strength, a person can become very happy, contented and successful.

It is very important to explain to your best friend, to have a clear approach in all the phases of life. Be it in a relationship or in office or anywhere else. By understanding his/ her capabilities, counting blessings, being patient, working hard and staying focussed; he/she can overcome jealousy and live happily.

7. Explain him the Pros and Cons:

Tell your best friend, that there is negative and positive in everyone’s life. Being rich, intelligent and successful doesn’t come without endurance. Success can’t be enjoyed without hardships and pain. There is a lot of patience needed to be happy.

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