Tips to Make Things Less Awkward With a Guy

Situations often tend to become awkward when you are walking down the lane with a guy you obviously take a liking for. At times, you end up causing an embarrassment. The reason being, there would be many awkward moments to be shared when you meet a guy for the first time or, you are obviously too much in love with the guy. In either case, you are filled with uneasiness and anxiety to the level that there are going to be some lanky swanky moments. There are ways to control this anxiety and, try to better the otherwise awkward situation. You could try one of the various methods and, obviously go with whatever suits you best.

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1. Look Beyond the Obvious

His amazing personality and, the aura that surrounds him are obviously intoxicating enough. You are too much into it and, this could make the situation really awkward for the two of you. Look beyond his looks and personality and, there you see a person who is as much real as you are. This would help you build a nice conversation and, have a good time with him. When you look at the personality, you are lost in the fiction where he is the hero and, you are plain Jane. But, that is not true. He is as plain as you are or, as cool as you are. So, instead of making him the hero and the situation awkward, try to make him a person and, converse with him.

2. Listen as Much as You Talk

A very tough task, eh! Well, you could actually manage this one if you really wish to make the situation less awkward. Getting a guy to talk is as difficult as making a girl shut her mouth. But, to make the situation relaxed, you need to ensure that there is a proper flow of conversation. So, how about directing some open ended questions towards your guy? You would find that when the conversations flow in his interest areas and, he is being asked for an opinion a guy opens up. This would lessen the awkwardness and anxiety. You need to resourceful and, think of areas that would technically interest the guy. Of course, it would be good if you are aware of those areas as well. If you know next to nothing about this guy, ask him about his daily routine and hobbies and, you know how to begin the conversation.

3. Resourcefulness

Sometimes, you get a hint that the conversation is moving towards a topic that you have no clue about. You can turn the topic the other way if you wish to. But, then that would again get you to lack of topics. The other thing you can probably do is use the smart gadget lying in your purse. Get your phone out, Google a bit on it and, try to find out things you could probably discuss while on it. When you are suddenly running out of topics for discussion, you could probably use this smart gadget again and try to find out things that you both can discuss. You just need to be resourceful and quick. This would help you turn an awkward looking situation to a better one.

4. Refrain from Pessimism

Yes, it is very important that no pessimistic thoughts enter your mind. When you are with a guy, it is obvious that you would feel nervous. But, you don’t need to concentrate on that nervousness that would build all the negative thoughts in the world. There would be times when you would start feeling scared of a major problem from your end. Your mind would be building a entirely different perspective based on that. These are mind games. Don’t fall prey to them. It is essential that while you are out on a date or just casually talking to a guy, don’t think of how you could possibly spoil it. This way you would be acting a spoiler. Enjoy the situation and, just go along with it.

5. The Others’ Opinion

Those others who are not living your life are obviously going to have opinions about it. They are going to build loose ends and enjoy themselves. Remember you are their drink time gossip as they are yours. So, when you are out with your guy or talking to him, stop thinking about what others are thinking about you. They will think what they have to and want to. Nothing will stop them from thinking anything. You just need to refrain from turning this moment into mockery. It’s in your hands to make it a pleasant memory. Loosen yourself and, enjoy the moment till it lasts.

6. Who is the Guy?

A major mistake that often leads to an awkward moment or two, is when you act without knowing what your guy likes or does not like. Very often you would make a joke out of a situation and, realize that the guy you are out with does not like this kind of humour. He may be a serious kind of a person. Who knows? So, it is better that you speak the language that the guy is most comfortable with. So, before cracking a joke or telling a tale, know the guy completely else you would have an awkward situation staring in your face.

7. Friendly Glances

You should give out a very friendly vibe to the guy. This would help him relax and unwind. The more you smile naturally and nicely, you would create a very warm atmosphere around the two of you giving no room to awkward situations. The basic thing is that the mood in the air should be jolly making both of you happy. The reason is that any guy would want the company of a happy girl to charm him.

Awkward moments can be easily dealt with when you try to change your style. Sometimes an awkward silence is good to fill the space with new topics. So, let such awkward moments happen and, don’t worry about them.

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