Tips to Make New Friends in College

College time is the best time of the life. It is the only time in our life when we can explore and learn new things in life. Whatever we do in our college life, will remain with us all of our lives. To imagine college life without friends is surely not possible. If you are about to step out of your high school and are wondering how to make a new gang in college, then this article will surely be of great help to you. We will discuss about the various tips to make new friends in college, which will help you understand how to enjoy your college life.

Friends form the most important part of our lives. The need of friends in life is surely inevitable. Stepping out of your high school and coming into the new environment is a challenge. Some of you might be joining the college with your friends from high school, others may be alone. But, it is very important to make friends in the new place, as it will help you in adjusting there. Making friends in college require more efforts than making friends in school. In college, everyone is an adult and adults usually take time to mix up with people.

Mentioned below are some tips that will help you in making new friends and also in enjoying your college life.

Tips to make new friends in college

1. Talk to Everyone:

Sitting in one corner and sulking that you don’t have any friends in college will not help you get one. You need to be an extrovert. Meet new people; try to strike a conversation with them. Don’t talk about the things you don’t know. Always have a smile on your face, as it gives a very positive impression to others. Initially, you might find it difficult or even scary to make new friends in college, but once you understand that even it is their first time in the college and you all are actually sailing in the same boat, then your fear will go away.

Meet everyone there, talk to everyone. As you do that, you will be able to discover people who share similar interest or fears, and then making friends with them will be a mere formality. By talking to everyone certainly doesn’t mean that you force yourself on every two -legged moving creature. If people are ready to talk to you, then continue your conversation and if they are not, then don’t force yourself.

2. Clear your Thought Process:

Make it a point that before you enter your college premises to keep your fears outside. Usually, people who fear a lot just fear and don’t do anything else. If you are thinking too much about making friends, then you will not be able to make any. You need to clear your thought process and if some people are not willing to talk to you, then don’t be disheartened. Keep on trying and at the same time don’t be anxious.

When you become anxious, you tend to become desperate. This doesn’t go down well with many people and as a result they may not like to be friends with you. Be cool and don’t be anxious about anything. Nail all your fears and negative thoughts on the cross and live freely. It is very important for a person to free his/ her mind of all the tensions and negative thoughts, when you are in a new place. It is okay to be apprehensive, but anxiousness leads to desperation.

3. Be Yourself:

One of the most important things that you need to remember all your life is that you don’t have to pretend to make new friends. Be who you are. Nobody on this earth is perfect, and if you portray yourself as someone you are not, then people won’t like you. By being yourself, you have every chance in the world to make genuine friends and not fair-weather ones. When you meet new people in the campus, try to be original. Talk about the things you know very well and when you find someone who shares similar interests, passion or dream, then friendship is a going to be a mere formality.

People want those friends who are honest about themselves. When you are honest and genuine in your approach, then there are high chances of you making new friends. Usually in order to make them look hep, people tell lies about themselves. Be truthful, by doing so you are accepting yourself, the way you are. When you lie about yourself, it means that you are too ashamed to accept yourself in front of others, and no one wants to be with that kind of person.  Remember to be yourself.

4. Participate:

College is the place where events play a very vital role. If there is any upcoming event in your college, try to be a part of it. When you participate in any event, you will explore new things about yourself and in doing so you will be attracting people to become your friends. If you have any talent, you can show that on stage by participating in the events. Don’t just be limited to the classrooms.

If there is any sports event, you can participate in that. Participate in as many events as possible. You will not only be able to show others your talent or capabilities, but also will be making lot of new friends. Don’t wait to make friends first and then participate in any event. If there is anything that you love doing like playing music etc., do it. Let your heart lead the way and new friends will follow.

5. Be Patient:

Patience is a virtue, observed by few! You need to be patient in order to make new friends. Give yourself time to first adjust to the new environment. Get used to seeing usual people first and then you can think of making new friends. If anyone approaches you for friendship, do not hesitate. College is just little bit different from school. In college, people try to show themselves to be very hep and in their attempt to do so, they lose their originality.

The best approach you can have in order to make new friends is to be patient. Follow all the above mentioned steps and observe patience too at the same time. This will help you in knowing people well.

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