Tips to Help You Develop Healthy Eating Habits

A look at the newspaper and TV channels would tell you that healthy habits have suddenly gauged importance across the world. Every channel would be giving you some input on how to stay healthy and happy for life. Lots of spiritual gurus and health gurus have come into existence. Healthy is today the way of life. Healthy eating is a part of this healthy way. You would have noticed that a lot of regular vegetables have been replaced by their organic counterparts. Junk has been replaced by their healthier versions. The reason being you don’t have to change your food; you just have to replace them with their healthier versions. It is all about developing some healthy eating habits that would lead to a healthy living. Irregular or improper diet should be avoided while building healthy eating habits.


1. Schedule the Meals

The way you schedule your life, it is very necessary that you schedule your daily meals as well. In this way, you are actually taking time out to eat every day. When you have three to four meals in a day, you have actually managed to gather enough energy in your body. Also, regularizing your meals is a way towards healthy eating habits. Your body would get used to certain timings and, would not trouble you in any way when fed at those times. You won’t be allowed to skip a meal in this case as, your body would need energy.

2. Water Fountain

The mystical water fountain has been a source of health and good life since mythical ages. What people once used to call the elixir of life was in reality water. You should manage to consume close to 8 litres of water or at least 5 litres of water and a lot of other fluids like juices etc. This would help maintain good health. Your skin would glow and, you would not face any adverse issues like headache, body pain etc. Of course, while you are eating try not to drink water in between meals. You may at times get hungry in between your scheduled meals. At such times, you can drink water and, reduce those hunger pangs.

3. Eat Small Portions

Don’t put a ban on any kind of food even if it is junk. When you start with a ban, you may find yourself craving for that food and end up having a lot of it. Instead of banning it, you could indulge in those foods once in a week but, in smaller portions. This way you would have fulfilled the demand of that food for your body and, would not even face the guilt of having had unhealthy food. It’s fine to have some bits of unhealthy food once in a while as long as it is in small portions.

4. Eat Together

When you start developing a habit of eating together, you start eating better and healthier. The portions are defined perfectly. You can develop the habit of eating right and healthy when you start having your meals with someone else, either family or friends. When you have your meal while watching TV, chances are that you might start feeling full after just a few ounces of the meal. You may not even eat the right kind of food jotted down on your meal schedule. So, avoid eating while working or, watching TV.

5. A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is your first meal of the day. Try not to skip it. You should have a proper and heavy breakfast. Try including all the nutritious food in your breakfast so, that for the next few hours you don’t get the craving for something unhealthy. You should have a glass of juice with your breakfast. Breakfast allows fast metabolism which in turn helps your maintain your weight and other health parameters. You should never try skipping your breakfast.

6. The Varieties: Fruits & Vegetables

You can include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can have a colourful range of fruits and vegetables doing rounds on your table to get into the habit of healthy eating. Vegetables like green vegetables, beans, etc. are all high on fibres and proteins. Carrots, corns etc. are all sweet vegetables and, they are all rich in vitamins and proteins. You should include these vegetables as part of your daily diet. In fact, a lot of fruits should be included in your daily diet. You could have fruits post dinner. But, ensure that you have it much before its time to sleep.

7. Eat Slowly

You need to chew on your meal that too slowly. Your meals should be eaten at ease. Take some time out to enjoy your meal. When you start eating it fast or, in a hurry, you don’t tend to enjoy your meal. You may even spoil the metabolism of your body. Healthy habits are developed to ensure healthy metabolism in the body. Eating while working or, grabbing a bite while walking are not advised methods of eating. This will spoil the routine you have set.

8. The In Between Meals

If you are genuinely hungry between two meals, you could have some soup or green tea or fruits and vegetables. Don’t ignore the voices of your stomach. Maintaining your schedule, you should have nuts, dates, green tea etc. to snack on. This in between snacking habit will ensure regular energy flow to your body. If you ignore your body’s hunger pangs for a long time, you would end up having a heavy meal and, spoiling your meal schedule.

9. Exercise Regularly

You would have read up pages on this one. It is true that if you wish to establish healthy eating habits, you should have a workout regime that can help build the hunger within you. Exercising regularly also helps maintain the weight.

Healthy eating is indeed a habit which you would need to cultivate. If you develop this habit, you would have surfaced a healthy life for yourself. Healthy is indeed the new and energized way of living life!

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