Tips to Get Your Friends to Trust You

Trust and loyalty lies at the base of any relationship or association. Whether it’s your rapport with your spouse, parents, relatives or office colleagues’, faith serves as the keystone that underscores all your relationships. Therefore it also follows that long and lasting friendships are forged on the foundations of mutual trust and loyalty.

As social beings, we need our share of associations and affiliations to interact and socialize with others for exchanging our ideas and opinions. As human beings we have to forge relationships with others to live within a commune and exist as a community. Of all the associations we form in our lifetime, the bonds of friendship and camaraderie that we have with our friends stand out because of their exclusivity.

But what is it that makes our comradeships exclusive from all other kinds of relationships? For a start, unlike our kinships with our spouse, parents, children or relatives that are tinged with a fair degree of self-interest, our companionships with our friends are natural and not based on a principle of give and take. Our true friends help us in our times of distress and empathise with us out of spontaneity and without any expectations. You can always expect your trusted friends to stand by you when nobody will.

So, even though we can do without a spouse or even a family but we can’t imagine a life bereft of friends. But before we can start building new friendships or restore ties with our old friends, we have to ensure that we develop our personas and present ourselves in a manner that our prospective friends and old buddies find trustworthy.

In other words, we have to win the loyalty and trust of the individuals with whom we’re trying to become friends. Just as you’d expect your friends to stick with you through thick and thin, they too would have similar expectations. So friendships are all about reciprocity. But how to send the right vibes to your potential pals that will help you to gain their trust and confidence? Here are a few guidelines or Tips to Get Your Friends to Trust You in the same way as you’d desire to rely on them.


1. Exude Confidence and Stand Besides Them When They Need You

When you are on your way to foster or cultivate a new relationship, you need to show positive signs that’ll make your prospective mates feel that your intentions are honest. Similarly when you want to renew ties with your old acquaintances from which you have drifted away, you need to send the right signals to prove that you’re the same old individual that you used to be.

You might be confident about your goodness as an individual but how’d others notice that? So, you’d need to express your geniality and affability by your mannerisms. The way you speak, your voice or intonation, and your body language are subconsciously picked up by others.

Whether you have confidence in yourself will be given away by your conduct and how you carry or present yourself in front of others. Don’t expect others to trust you if you cannot trust yourself. If a companion of yours shares his or true feelings about a particular issue or person, then don’t give him or her away in front of others. If a friend is in distress, make it a point to be besides her and if needed, walk the extra mile to help him or her tide over the crisis.

2. You’re As Good As Your Word

So much has been said about making and breaking promises but all axioms and aphorisms harp on one and the same principle and that is you once you’ve given your word to somebody do not renege on it. How steadfast you’re in keeping your word is going to be used as a yardstick by your friends for establishing whether you can be counted upon in times of need. Therefore, before rushing in to make tall promises assess the situation carefully. 

3. Try To Be as Honest As Possible

We all live in a world today where being honest may not always work in our favour but as far as our close friends are concerned, we should try to be candid and truthful with them. In other words, when it comes to strengthening our ties of friendships, honesty is always the best policy. Sometimes we might be tempted to lie to our friends or conceal certain facts from them with the intention of saving them from embarrassing situations or moments but in essence we are doing more harm than good. Remember that friendships are built on the bedrock of trust and truthfulness.

4. Connect With Your Friends and Respect Their Viewpoints

As an individual, you’ll always have your own ideas and opinions on any subject matter under the sun. The same would be true of your friends. Whenever you and your friends get together for any event or occasion, there is likely to be a lot of intense arguments or heated debates on the current issues.

During such a typical discussion, you should not impose your point of view on others but rather listen to what they’ve to say regarding the topic being debated about. You may not agree to your friends’ ideas but you should always defend and respect their right to voice them.

5. Be Humble and Compassionate

Humility and compassion are virtues that you’d not find in a majority of human beings as it takes a real strength of character to cultivate these qualities. Most of us given to living life on the fast track that lead to a build up of stress within ourselves which in turn makes us behave arrogantly and conceitedly at times. It may be a tall order to always affect a humble and empathetic stance but if you do, you’ll be able to win the trust of one and all including your friends as everybody would find you easily approachable.

6. Don’t Be Judgemental About Your Friends

Friendship means allowing your friends to be themselves. When you become friends with someone, it is taken for granted that you’re accepting the person with all his virtues and shortcomings. You too would have the same expectation from that individual.

Don’t try to criticize your companions or pick faults even when they’re glaring because you know that nobody is perfect. Your approach should be such that your friends feel comfortable sharing their darkest secrets with you and look forward to sharing time with you.

7. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

This is a very old adage that is relevant even today and always will. This truism is a variant of ‘Do unto Others as You’d Want Them to do to you’. Just as you’d expect your friends to help you in times of adversity and bail you out when you find yourself in trouble, they’d also anticipate the same from your end. Since it doesn’t take too much effort on your part to be nice to people, your true worth is gauged by your sincerity and willingness to be around your friends when they need your presence.

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