Tips on Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

Its always a dream of a couple to become parents. However it gets bit difficult for working women to resume there services again after having a child. Though it is important to be there with your child atleast for an year after his/her birth. Working women these days feel bit relaxed because of many play school been opened in cities. These Play school plays a major role in taking care of  a child which somewhere releases a pressure from mother’s shoulder.

We have shared few tips for women after having a baby, this may help them to keep there baby healthy and safe.

Tips on Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

What can be a better feeling than holding your baby in your arms for the first time? Only a mother can understand the excitement, happiness, and anxiety of being responsible for bringing up the new life. But are you sure that your professional life is not getting hampered due the new responsibilities you have. Life never stops, and so you have to fulfill your responsibilities at home and work.

After having your baby, you might be too confused over the topic of your career and your new life. You need to be very much clear about the decision of continuing your job or to sit back at home looking after your baby. Such situations can turn out to be the emotional roller coaster, leaving you in the state of dilemma. However, if you have decided that going back to work is what you want, we will help you out with some useful tips. Here in this article we have listed some important tips that will help you to go back to work after having a baby.

Get a baby sitter

The most important responsibly that you have, more than your job is your new born baby. If you have decided to go for work the first thing you need to think about is the person your baby is going to stay with the whole day. Before you go to the job you’ve to line up someone you trust to watch your baby. Having a qualified babysitter is probably the best option that you can opt for. As a mother, leaving your child behind is tough, but it’ll be easier if you know the baby is in good and safe hands.

You can even call someone real close to you or to your spouse, to look after the baby for the time you are at the office. Consulting your best friend for help on such days can be the best option for you. If you’re using someone you just met, spend some time with her before you go back to work. Spend an afternoon in her home or meet her out for lunch so you can get to know her. Bring the baby along so you can watch her in action.

Practice your routine

Stepping in a new life with several responsibilities lined up, it can take a while for you to adjust according to the new life.  However you can easily pick up with the pace if you practice your daily routine in a proper manner. The best way to make sure that your routine goes as planned on the office day is to start practicing it well before the official date of joining.

If possible, arrange for your child care to start a week or so early so that you can try out your routine and you can get use to the routine. Do as much as you can the night before, including packing the diaper bag, prepping bottles, showering, and laying out clothes. If you thought that getting ready for the office was a tough task, the things will look more messed up now if you are not following a good practiced routine. Make sure that you plan your routine in such a way that you can spend the quality time with your child as this will be the only time of the day when you can be close to your child.

Distribute working hours with your spouse

A mother is not the only one responsible for a baby however a father also plays a major role in child’s upbringing. During your maternity leave, you were probably the one who use to look after the baby and other households. You were the one responsible back at home while your spouse used to be at work. But now that you have decided to go back to work, your spouse needs to understand you well and plan about a leave from the office so that he can look after the baby.

If your husband can get a leave from his work, take out time to distribute the different household chores and the time spent to look after the baby. Even if he doesn’t get leave from his work, he can opt for flexible working hours that will give you both the adequate time with the baby.  Planning small things well in before can help you both to look after the baby in a proper way, without affecting your normal working hours.

Look after your health

Having a busy working schedule and looking after your baby can turn out to be quite overwhelming for a mother. Probably this is one of the most common problems working that women face in their prenatal period. As a working woman you will have loads of household chores and office work to do. One thing you should always remember is to take a proper care of yourself.  Your health is directly related to your baby’s health.

Make regular visits to the doctor and if possible take your baby along with you. Consult him about the proper diet chart that you need to follow for a healthy body. Take adequate rest and fix your sleeping hours so that you can be good at both office and home. Ask your gym instructor for some exercises that will help you reduce extra fats that you gained during the pregnancy period.

Focus on your work

Working for those long working hours before pregnancy won’t be a possible routine for you immediately as you join the office. As a new mother it won’t be easy to spend all day working, while your mind is thinking about the baby. Focusing on your work will certainly make you more efficient with your job well before you will even notice it. If you can complete your work before the deadlines you will surely have more time to spend with your baby.

If your company can allow you to work in flexible hours, you can distribute your household chores with your comfortable working schedule. If possible then get back to your work following a part time schedule and then gradually making it into your full time routine. Try and work for half days for the starting couple of weeks and then make your working hours more flexible. Easing back into work little by little will help you to ease the office pressure on you and as well as the baby.

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