Tips For Preparing Your Skin For Spring

As winters turn to spring, skin care needs change too. The cream and the treatment you worked with while getting through winters need to undergo some real major changes. All this while, you were inside the house stuck with the heater on. Suddenly the quenching heat is taking a toll on you and your skin. Now it’s time to change your cold creams to sun screen and further. The best part is that a lot of natural skin care is available for you with the coming in of spring. Yes, you will always face lack of time when it comes to skin care. But, instead of going through the trauma of bad skin, spend close to 15 minutes approximately and get a fresh looking skin. Yes, there are a lot of ways that get you towards a fresh looking skin in just 15 minutes and, it does not take too much of your time either.

Tips For Preparing Your Skin For Spring

Avoid Hot Water

You don’t really need to go through therapies all the while. When it is about caring for your skin, you may just need to follow some basic rules. How about ensuring some things so that you don’t need to trouble yourself with skin care? You may love to take a bath with boiling hot water. But, in reality it is not good for the skin. You should always try to use cold water on your skin. This would help the skin moisturize. In case, you are not able to use cold water, try Luke warm water. This would soothe the skin too. The pores in your skin could be a result of hot water so, ensure you avoid it.

Moisturize After Your Bath

Once out of the bath, you should moisturize your skin with a good cream. You should rub a nice cream that gives out proper moisture to the skin along your body. Without proper moisturizer, the skin becomes dull and appears to be dead. Remember a good quality face moisturizer along with body lotions and foot creams would do the job perfectly. It is not just your facial skin that dulls out during the cold. With spring calling in, you need to tone your body’s skin completely.

Exfoliating the Skin

The dead cells need to be removed before you can think of moisturizing the skin completely. Why not use a good quality scrub along the length of your face and, get the dead cells to die off completely. Get some walnut or apricot scrub and try applying it on your face! You would see a new kind of rejuvenation lighting up your face. When the dead and dry skin goes away, there’s more space for new cells and, a bright beautiful skin.

The Petroleum Jelly Way

The best moisturizer that makes sure your skin does not wither away even during the winters is the petroleum jelly. It acts as the best moisturizer for the entire body. You can apply this jelly just before going to bed and, get the skin moisturized. This is a method that you should ideally follow during all seasons including winters when the skin is deeply located inside gloves and socks. This would give a brilliant and fresh feel to the skin. Petroleum jelly is effectively the best moisturizer for the skin.

The Lip Sync

Your lips go dry in almost every season if not properly taken care of. So, how about using a proper lip guard and keeping them moisturized. It hardly takes a minute or two to rub that lip guard across your lips. The shine and moisture on the lips gives you a real great feeling. Lips make the smile grow effective. So, while taking care of your skin do not forget the lips. They are important too.

Sunscreen Time

With spring singing your way, it is time for the sun to shine brightly on your top. The UV rays would just affect your skin in a bad way. To avoid being troubled with tan and getting a better skin, use a sunscreen every day before you get out in the sun. You would even gain a better face mask with this sunscreen. It protects you from the sun and, hints towards a better and moisturized skin.

Say Bye to Acne

An oily skin welcomes acne brilliantly. Try using face wash and scrubs that ensure that your oily skin does not bring in acne. Try to scrub your face weekly. You could even use a face pack once in a while that would soak the acne and rejuvenate the skin.

Water Answers it All

You should have loads of water in a day. Close to eight gallons of water would ensure a good skin and healthy body. Remember, a healthy body is the sure shot way to a good skin. If you suffer from problems within, it would definitely affect your skin. Water is a healthy potion that has mysteriously made sure you live long. So, never cut down on your water intake.

Light Make-up

It is indeed a good idea to wear light make up when moving around during the spring. Your face would appear clogged and full of pores if you go on to apply heavy makeup. So, how about engaging in youthfulness and, enjoying your rejuvenated face this season. Light make up would give your face a certain charm that make-up would never be able to

Facials and Massages

Once in a while it is a good idea to get a facial or massage done at the parlour. This would bring back a certain balance in your skin. Your face would be moisturized and power packed after this facial or massage. The oils and necessary ingredients of the skin would be given to the skin in a way that it is perfectly radiant. Enjoy a balanced and beautiful skin with facials.

Lastly, a balanced diet is the way to healthy and beautiful skin. Avoid junk to a great extent. Show off the brilliance of a highly rejuvenated skin this spring!

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