Tips For Maintaining Your Weight

Fighting the battle of the bulge is quite a task, but once you have done it; you get a new body, new wardrobe and lots of compliments. Weight loss at every age is very challenging and requires lots of hard work, patience and control. Following diets, workouts and exercising helps maintaining work, if they are done in a scientific way. Following some fad diets won’t give you a long term effect, in fact the sooner you lose weight, the faster it comes back! Hence it is always better to be patient and lose around 3-4 kilograms a month. Remember slow and steady wins the race!

There comes a time in the weight loss regime that the weight becomes plateau and stationery. This is the time when one should change the exercise routine and try a new diet. Nutrition is a very important part of weight loss. A good diet is a mix of all the necessary components and gives the body energy to workout. The key to healthy weight loss is by eating every 2-3 hours; this increases metabolism and body will burn more calories. A right mix of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals should be consumed. Following points will give you tips for maintaining your weight.

Tips for maintaining your weight

1. Adopt a positive attitude:

You deserve a pat on the back for losing those extra pounds. Do not worry about your weight all the time. You have worked hard and now is the time to love your body and accentuate your features. Look at yourself in the mirror and feel good about yourself. Buy a new dress for yourself. Think well about your body. This will give you a positive attitude and motivate you to continue your fitness regime.

2. Eat in moderation:

After losing the bulge, do not go crazy over food. Stick to your diet and keep a control on what you eat. Many people lose weight and then get back to eating ravenously, which leads to weight gain again. To avoid this eat everything in moderation. Control your portion size. When you go out with friends, keep a check on yourself and stick to soups and salads.

Also put a stop to emotional eating. Eating when upset, stressed, tired can be harmful. While watching TV, stick to healthy snacks like peanuts, green tea etc. Do not skip meals as that will make you hungrier. If you like sweets or something rich in fats, have it once a week.

3. Keep a diet and workout Journal:

Even though it sounds boring, it is true that keeping a diet and an exercise journal helps to lose weight and also to maintain it. Once you have reached your desired weight, it requires hard work to maintain it. Keep a record of what you eat and the kind of workout you do each day. This journal will make you honest with yourself and you will refrain from unhealthy eating.

4. Consume fruits and vegetables:

A healthy diet is a pre-requisite for losing weight. But once the extra weight is gone, you can eat everything in moderation. Remember to maintain your weight with a healthy diet. Do not start eating fried food and sugar. Restrict them to once a week and load up on fruits and vegetables. This will give you fibre and help you drop pounds. Also include whole grains in your diet.

5. Make lifestyle changes:

Weight loss is not just about losing weight but also about adopting a healthy lifestyle. After you have dropped the kilos, stick to your healthy habits as these will keep the extra weight away. Get a good sleep. A Lack of sleep leads to unhealthy eating and weight gain. Sleep for 8 hours each day.  Keep exercising each day, even if it is for half an hour. Play a sport or join a yoga class. Do anything that you enjoy.

Drink lots of water. Many times we confuse thirst with hunger. Drink a glass of water each hour and keep off the extra weight.

6. Go easy on salt:

Though salt is an important ingredient in food, too much salt leads to high blood pressure and water retention. This can further lead to weight gain. Instead of using salt, try fresh herbs like basil, thyme etc. This will enhance the taste of the food and also keep it healthy.

7. Consume yoghurt:

We all know yoghurt is rich in calcium but other than that it also contains a substance called inulin, which is also found in fruits and vegetables. Inulin helps to keep the digestive track clear of all bacteria and helps in the growth of live cultures. You can have yoghurt as a snack or in breakfast with berries.

8. Limit alcohol:

Alcohol can give you unnecessary calories. Restrict yourself to one peg a day. Drinking too much can lead to obesity, accidents and depression. Also include some healthy snacks like cheese, peanuts with drinks. Avoid fried snacks with your drink.

9. Avoid trans-fats:

Saturated and trans-fats can increase cholesterol in the body and leads to weight gain and heart attack. Switch to healthy oils like olive oil, which help the body to reduce weight. Avoid snack and sweets, which contain trans-fats.

10. Exercise:

This is the single most important thing to maintain your weight after weight loss. Any form of workout, 45 minutes a day is enough to keep you healthy and slim. Get moving; join a dance class or anything you like to do. Exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel good and keep you away from stress and tension. This prevents emotional eating.

11. Lift weights:

Lifting weights acts as resistance training and helps to burn more calories giving you a lean body. Use dumb-bells, resistance bands, kettle bends and a Swiss ball to give your body a slimmer look. Weight training thrice a week boosts metabolism and keeps you active. Include weights in any form of exercise that you do.

Maintaining your weight is a tough task but with control and patience you can do it. Make exercise and healthy eating your best friends.

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