Tips for Dealing With Negative People Positively

In your working life or personal life, you surely have had the experience of socializing with different types of individuals each with distinct personality traits. So you know from experience that surrounding yourself with people, who have a positive approach towards everything and everybody in particular and about life in general, can be uplifting for you and your occupation or business.

On the flip side, negatively minded people can have a detrimental effect not only on your business but also vitiate the working atmosphere in your office and contaminate the minds of your spirited employees with their negativity. People who are intensely negative also have a very low opinion about selves and generally have a very pessimistic approach towards life.

People with an overly unconstructive and depressing bent of mind can be off-putting as well. Their disapproving stance can drive away good employees and impede growth and development particularly if your business is sales and marketing oriented. Being downbeat in their approach and outlook, they also tend to give off negative vibes. People with a negative mindset are always critical of others and their blocked minds prevent them from extolling the positive aspects of other people.

How do people come to affect a negative persona? It would be totally out of place to suggest that people are born with negative attributes. Rather, they pick up the traits from the environments they’re born into and grow up in. During their growing up years, they go on to ingrain negative feelings about themselves and towards everybody else because of some shocking incidents or due to their off-putting backgrounds.

Some individuals are negative by intent or design as nursing such a bearing gets them the attention they clamour for while some others exploit this attitude as a handle to control and influence other people. Sometimes you may find yourself amidst people who do not have a positive outlook, either in your workplace or in your social circle. Since you may not always be in a position to avoid such individual altogether, the best approach of course would be to deal with them in a deft manner.

The subsequent Tips for Dealing with Negative People Positively will surely show you the way.

Dealing With Negative People

1. Always Take a Positive Stand

A person’s negative disposition will get reflected in the way he speaks and his mannerisms. He will tend to dwell on the negative aspects of every issue or aspect that you discuss with him. He’ll always have something or the other to complain about and his list of grouses will be nearly endless. When such a person is venting out his grievances to you do not shirk away but rather give the impression that you’re all ears. Listening to him does not mean you agree to whatever he has to say. You can temper the conversation by putting forth your opinions in a positive manner.

Try to put yourself in their shoes for a better understanding of what exactly is going on in their minds and you’ll find it easier to deal with them. As an individual you too often get angry or disappointed and feel you frayed nerves calming down when somebody tries to pacify you. Treat negatively oriented people in a similar manner by lending them a compassionate ear.

Since such people are almost always liable to have too cynical an approach, there might be a tendency on your part to start thinking along the same lines. That is not to imply that such a person always gets the wrong end of the stick but never take their viewpoints personally. Be flexible and positive in your dealings with such people.

2. Avoid Arguments

It’d be pointless and a sheer waste of time to argue and reason with someone who is pessimistic and sceptical by nature. Such a person is also likely to have a very one-track mind and holds on to his ideas and opinions very rigidly. There is no way he is going to change his mind or reconsider his thinking about a particular subject matter or issue even if you prove the impracticality of his outlook. If on forwarding constructive arguments, you see that the individual is backing up his viewpoints with 10 different rebuttals, then it is best not to engage any further.

3. Always Involve a Third Person in the Discussion

When you’re the only one engaged in a direct one-to-one communication, it goes without saying you have to bear the full onslaught of the pessimism and negativity that can get unnerving at times. It at least one more individual is involved in the conversation, the unconstructive impact is blunted to a large extent and you also don’t have to put up with it all by yourself.

4. Never Fail to Eulogize the Positive Attribute

If you feel ill at ease and embarrassing in the presence of a negatively minded person you can well imagine how they feel about themselves. They’re so inured to thinking in a negative manner that they simply cannot see themselves looking at the bright side of everything or everybody even for the sake of a change.

So you might catch such a person by surprise if you can identify the positive qualities and compliment him for having the same. True to type, he might try to downplay your tributes but somewhere deep inside he’ll feel good about your having praised him.

5. Keep Them at Arm’s Length As Much As Possible

It might happen that some of the individuals that you deal with in your everyday life do not have a very positive or bright outlook, generally speaking. If one or two of these persons happen to quite close to you, then you might go out of the way to make them inculcate an attitude of positivity. In case you fail, it is better to apprise them about the graveness of the matter and keep a very minimal contact with them. Remember that life is too short for spending time with people who can be emotionally draining.

6. Widen Your Horizon

‘Nothing or nobody is good or bad, it is our thinking that makes it so’. There might be a smattering of truth in that axiom and you’ll realize the meaning hidden behind those words from your everyday experiences and dealings with all sorts of people. Many a times you’ll see that some people prefer your company and trust you with their darkest secrets and sharing their unhappiness with you.

You might get the impression that they’re pessimists because of your perception about such people whereas they may not be negatively minded individuals in actuality. In such a scenario, you’d need to widen your perspective and vision and start analyzing as to what makes you such an off-putting notion.

7. Try To Win Them Over With Warmth and Candour

Love conquers all and that includes winning over negatively minded people and complete cynics. Normally all of us crave for attention but cynics’ hearts cry out for arresting the attention of others. They start feeling lonely and become depressed when others disregard them. You can easily win them over with just a light hug or a peck on the cheek instead of lecturing them on positivity.

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