Tips For Choosing a Career After High School

The transition from the theoretic life of school to the practical life after it, determines your future.  School life guarantees fun and learning. The lessons learnt in school are never forgotten. But sadly school doesn’t continue all life, though learning does.  The subjects chosen in school predetermine your career choice. However, lots of things change once you’re out of school. It has been seen, that some students tend to choose subjects in their high school following the pressure from their parents or maybe because of their friends.  But, choosing a career after high school is not that easy. You need to weigh the pros and cons of choosing any career.

Most of the times, students make the mistake of opting for a wrong career. By the time they realise their mistake, they are almost halfway through it. Life always doesn’t give anyone two chances. Your time is now. You need to be very careful while choosing your career. Remember, in order to have a prosperous and bright future, you need to make the right choices now. In the end, nothing will stand but the choices you have made. Although some people find it easy to choose a career, there still remain a large number of students struggling to find the right door in the dark. This article will give you tips for choosing a career after high school, which helps you grow into a better and not bitter human being.

choosing career

1. Know Yourself:

The very first step that you need to take before opting for any career is by knowing yourself. Don’t choose a career because your friends think it’s best for you or your parents think its ideal the ideal choice. You need an honest approach while deciding your career. Take time out, see what subject you are good at and how you would like to pursue.

There can be nothing better than knowing your true capabilities and working accordingly. You may have witnessed some people in your life who are so very dissatisfied with their career. The reason is very simple; they didn’t make the right decision. They didn’t know themselves properly. Before choosing for any career, it is highly advisable to know yourself and then proceed.

2. Hurry Burry Spoils The Curry:

Never ever make any decision in haste. Hasty decisions are often regretted. When it comes to your career, make sure you give it a very serious thought. If you are interested in any field, talk to the people who are already working in that field. Try to get as much information as possible about that field. Once you know everything about that field, you will have a clear vision about your future.

Students often make this mistake of choosing a career in haste. They just see the bright side of the profession and quickly make a decision. As you collect all the relevant information about your interest field, try to find out the pros and cons of that career. For example, you may be interested in Journalism. The life of a Journalist looks very attractive; lights, camera, reporting in dangerous places, covering wars and interviewing politicians, all this looks very happening. But there is other side to it, the hours or weeks or even months they spend away from their families. Not to forget the danger that this profession involves.  It will always work in your favor if you see both the sides of the coin and then decide your career.

3. Dream On:

If you have a dream, then rise up and work for it! Do what you love, so that you will always love what you do. People around the world are dissatisfied with their profession. They don’t understand their existence in the place they work. The best way to choose a career is by choosing what you are good at, what you like.

One thing that you must always remember as an individual is that you should always work to turn your dream into reality. Just by harbouring a dream and doing nothing for it, will lead you nowhere.

You might want to go for ‘conventional’ careers like Engineering, MBBS, MBA etc because of parents pressure or because of your own interest. However if you do not want to go for these mainstream options, there is still a lot to explore.  You may be a musician and wanting to make a career in music or you may be a writer wanting to write a book or may be a painter or into sports. The best thing you can do for yourself is by doing what you dream of. By doing this, you will always love your work, be dedicated to it and will never whine. How many of these things have you witnessed in people around you?

4. Planet Of The Apes:

Many a times, we ape other people in our circle. If they do a certain thing, we follow. This is acceptable in shopping but not in career choices. Your counterparts may be good at a particular subject and have aptitude for it, which you may not have. Do not ape your peers blindly; think of your interests and capabilities. You might regret all your life for aping others and ignoring your strengths.

5. Career Counselling:

The most trusted approach in deciding your career will be through career counselling.  The career counsellors are not only an expert in their field but they also have a vast experience in dealing with students who find it difficult to opt for a career. By visiting a career counsellor, you can learn a great deal from their experience. Tell them honestly what you feel like and what you want to do in your life. After listening to you, they will suggest you some career options.

The common misconception that students have about career counsellors is that they make general assumptions. But, the truth is, their approach towards every student is individual. The work of any counsellor is to listen to your problems and then suggest you with the possible solutions. Whether you want to use their suggestions or not is entirely your choice. So, make the most of their experience and be very patient in making a decision for your career.

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