12 Savvy Time Management Tips for Working Moms

Becoming a mother is the world’s greatest feeling and also the world’s greatest responsibility. When a woman becomes a mother she is complete in every form and is happy to have an extension of her own. Though a mother is the happiest when a child is born, she is also the one who has to work the most.  In nine months of pregnancy, the soon going-to-be-mother is pampered and treated like a princess and when the child arrives, he/she becomes the priority and the centre of attraction.

Bringing up a baby can be quite a task, with late-night feeding, changing diapers, putting the baby to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night. All these can even be tougher for a working mom as she has to take care of the home, nurture the child and also focus on the job and in doing these activities, she barely has time for her own self. The following time management tips for working moms will be of some help to those who are struggling with their children and office every day.

time management for moms

1. Prioritize:

It is important to make a todo list and follow it but more important than that is to prioritize your role. Are you a mom first or a wife second? Keep this thing in mind and then perform all your tasks. This will help you in performing all the tasks better and you won’t be in the doldrums of what to do and what not to do.

When you prioritize, you give the required amount of time to kids and also get some quality time with your hubby.

2. Schedule your Tasks:

Make a schedule and keep a specific day for a specific activity. For doing this, you will have to experiment and see which task is suitable to do on which day. If you have more work on Mondays then do not keep a strenuous task on the same day, if you are free on Saturdays then keep it for washing clothes. Make sure you keep Sunday free for yourself and the family.

On Sundays, remember to take out time for yourself and do something that you like. It could be a hobby or any activity like going for a walk or reading a book.

3. Plan the Night Before:

It is always better if you take out 15 minutes at the night before sleeping and prepare for the next day. You can decide the menu for next day’s lunch, pick out your clothes for the morning and set out uniforms for the children.

Once you get into the habit of doing this, you will have a less stressful morning and everything will be orderly.

4. Rise Early:

This is an age old advice. Waking up early means half of your tasks are done in a better way and you will also have ample of time for yourself. Waking up even half an hour earlier than usual can give you time to do the things that consume more time.

5. Demand Help:

Do not try to be a supermom. Taking a little help from your hubby and kids won’t make you a criminal. So, when you have your husband or kids around, ask them to do small things like cleaning, dusting, watering the plants or packing their own lunch. Doing this will not only make you at ease for sometime but will also teach them important values and selfdependency.

6. Plan Menu in Advance:

One common problem in all households is what to eat and where to eat it. If you want to solve this problem, then an easy way is to plan a weekly menu and stick to it. This does not necessarily mean you cooking every day. Include eat outs and easy dishes like sandwiches, pasta etc, which take less time to cook.

7. Take Time out:

You must be a supermom or a superwoman, but at the end of the day you are a human and it is perfectly ok for you to break down and cry. Working round the clock and doing the household chores will just get the life out of you. Take some time out; it is okay to indulge in little pleasures of life and let the work wait for some time.

8. Say No Politely:

The art of saying no develops over the time and it can be a little tricky. Learn to say no when you know your hubby, kids and the boss can do certain things on their own. When you have been consistent with your job and can push the deadlines one or two days ahead, then saying a no won’t make a huge difference and it will also help your kids to do things on their own.

9. Involve the Whole Family:

Do not take up all the responsibility on your shoulders. Get the whole family to work together to keep the house clean and tidy. If your kids lose things and can’t find them in the rush hour of the mornings then pile things according to their use and importance. Make separate racks for each thing and label them. Involve your hubby and kids to put the things at the right place, this will turn out to be fun and also get you all together.

10. Learn Preventive Maintenance:

Spending a little time each day, doing the household chores can save you from spending the whole Saturday or Sunday in doing that chore. If you want to practice Preventive Maintenance then practice shortcuts like before taking a bath, you can clean the toilet or wipe the floor; this will mean less work for you on the weekend. The key is to multitask simple chores.

11. Keep Work and Motherhood separate:

To manage time, it is important to focus your concentration on what you are doing at the moment. If you are at work, leave your parental responsibilities at home and after coming home leave your job responsibilities at the office, this will help you to direct your energy at the right place.

12. Don’t Put Off Work:

If you want to save time, don’t procrastinate and put off work. If you dread cleaning your cupboard, take an evening out and do it. Do not push the work for the next day. Prioritize your work and everything will fall in place.

Last but not the least; do not forget to take time out for yourself. You need attention too.

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