Things You Should Never Tell Your Husband

Marriage is an institution that requires love, patience and time. Getting married and living with your partner is a beautiful feeling. Marriage is a very important relationship and it requires hard work and understanding. The initial years are full of fun but there is also a need of understanding your partner and his feelings. Some people are shy and sensitive; a special care is needed for such people. To have an understanding partner is a blessing.

There are some things that are forbidden in marriage like speaking foul. It is ok to get angry at times, but in your anger never speak anything that hurts your spouse and spoils the relationship. Words have a power either to hurt or heal; they can cause a permanent damage to the relationship. Use your words with utmost care. If you feel your husband is not doing things in the right way, talk to him and explain what you feel. Encourage him to do better, he will appreciate your understanding and also change his ways. Treat your husband in a way you want to be treated by him. It is also important for you to know that males have delicate egos and women have acidic tongues. Keep a track of your words. Some of the things you should never tell your husband are mentioned below:

Things you should never tell your husband

1. You are not Supportive

These words are unkind and horrible. Your husband is someone who hugs you in times of need, encourages you when you are in despair and accepts you with all your faults. Calling your spouse unsupportive is very cruel. These words can harm your relation.

If you feel you are not getting enough support from your partner in something, talk to him openly about it and ask him the reason of not supporting you. He might have some fears in mind. Talk to him and understand his reasons.

2. You are Dumb

No one is dumb and you should never insult your spouse by saying these words. We all have our own abilities and some people take time to learn new things. These cruel words can hurt your husband.

If you are teaching something new to your man, be patient and loving. If he is showing signs of difficulty keep calm and give him some time. We all learn things at our own time. Never call your husband stupid.

3. You are Worthless

Calling your husband worthless is a very demeaning comment. Calling your partner worthless would mean that he is not important and a waste of time. This statement is very rude and can hurt the sentiments of your spouse. We all are important and equal. We have different capabilities and we can make a difference in the world. Never say these words to your husband.

4. I am ashamed to be with you/ You embarrass me

These words are very harmful; they can hurt the other person for a lifetime. If you feel ashamed or embarrassed by your husband, why did you marry him in the first place? If the relationship is going through a rough patch, try to make things ok and talk openly to your partner. Do not insult him by saying these words.

5. You are Incapable

Calling your spouse incapable means he can’t do anything right and is useless, which is untrue. We all are capable of doing things but everyone has their own time and way of learning. Some people have fear, insecurity and affinity. When they overcome that, they learn new things. You need to understand that everyone has their own way and time of learning.

6. You are Ugly

Your husband wants to feel good when he is around you, he wants to be praised and loved by you. Never tell your husband that he is ugly or looking ugly. Even when his hair is messy or he is coming back after a long day at work, these are the times when you need to praise him. Everyone likes to be praised; it feels good and boosts self-esteem. You too like to hear, you are beautiful and so does your husband. Remember to make him feel good about himself by praising him even when he doesn’t need it.

7. Your dressing sense is Bad

Sometimes your husband doesn’t know how to dress well. He might not know what color or styles are latest and go well with each other. Instead of saying that he dresses ugly, help him to match clothes in a better way. Tell him which shirt goes well with his complexion and what looks good on him. Go shopping with him and give your opinion. Appreciate him when he is looking good.

8. You are Fat

If your husband is over-weight, never call him fat, as this can ruin his confidence and self-esteem. Instead help him to lose weight. Change your diet and better still would be to join a gym or a yoga class together. Love him and show him that his extra weight doesn’t come in the way of love. True love is beyond physical attraction. It sees the beauty of the heart and soul. Help your spouse to get fit and support him in what he does.

9. You let me Down

Never ever say these words to your partner. These words will make your husband feel that he is can’t do anything right and you don’t approve of him. When he is not able to do something help him and encourage him to do better. Be kind to him and understand his reasons of not performing well.

10. “You bought me this?”

Many times when men go shopping, they get some really silly things for their wives. Instead of complaining, appreciate his thought and effort. Even if you don’t like the gift, accept it happily and show happiness. This will make your husband feel good. Understand that he is better than those men who do not surprise their wives.  Give your husband a hug and show him love. He will love you in return and you both can enjoy a good relationship.

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