Things You Should Always Share With Your Partner

The importance of effective communication in a relationship should not be underestimated under any circumstance. If you share a very healthy and strong relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ll surely realize the significance of an effectual two-way communication. Communicating your thoughts or expressing your ideas clearly so that your companion is able to comprehend them is a skill that you’d need to master for strengthening the reciprocity in your association.

Besides communicating effectively, you’d also need to be very truthful and transparent with your partner to enjoy a lifelong relationship. In fact mutual trust and transparency are the cornerstones on which the foundation for a lasting association is laid. So it does not need to be exaggerated that you’d have to be very candid in your dealings with your other half if you really care about winning and retaining his or trust for good.

However, that of course doesn’t imply that you should always wear your heart on your sleeve. But how’d you know where to draw the line as far as exchanging your ideas and opinions with your partner is concerned? In other words, how will you make out the things you should always share with your partner? Following are some aspects about yourself and some general issues that you can share any time with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Things you should always share with your partner

1. You Can Relate About How Your Day Went

At the end of a very exhausting day, you’d crave for the company of someone who is very close to you with whom you can confidently share your private thoughts. Surely that person has to be your partner or better half. That is simply because no other individual would be willing to listen to what you’d have to say more attentively than your soulmate. Talking to your partner about how your day went is a very inventive way of keeping in touch with him or her. You can narrate about how you spent your day at the workplace or about anything noteworthy that happened on a particular date. You can talk about how another day in your life dawned and passed away.

At the same time you should also encourage and persuade your heartthrob to speak about how his or her day went. Keep aside 15-20 minutes of your time almost every day for talking about your daily happenings with your partner. Moreover, take a keen interest in the issues or topics that are raised by your partner and listen carefully to what he or she might have to say about the same.

2. Share Financial Details

If you really love your partner, there is no reason why you should not trust him or her with your financial details. In fact, if your partner has your best interests at heart, he or she’ll always try to sort things out for you if and when you have a problem managing your finances. However, if you’re thinking of settling down with your partner, it is very vital for both of you to be thoroughly aware of your financial status.

Being in the dark about each other’s financial standing will make it tough to chalk out a monthly budget if you’re seriously considering getting married. On the other hand, if you’re forthcoming in sharing your financial condition with your partner he or she’ll have a fair idea of your financial stability. Maybe, he or she could come up with a solution if you’re going through a financial crisis.

For instance, your partner could help you out with settling a car loan or a higher education mortgage by paying off the due installments from his or her own pocket. When you get married, you’ll have to buy all the necessary goods or provisions that’d be needed to set up your own home. You may think that a dishwasher should be there on your priority list of purchases but your better half might not subscribe to your idea.

The idea is take a joint decision before you go ahead with a major investment. Taking decisions jointly will not only help you to control your finances in a better manner but will also help you to further cement your ties with your partner. When you consult with your partner before a big-ticket purchase, he or she certainly will not feel left out.

3. Don’t Conceal Details from Your Past

What you did in the past has in more ways than one; paved the way for what you’re doing at present and in all probabilities, have a bearing on your future activities. If you were intending to enter into a long-term relationship with your partner, you’d definitely like to keep yourself in the clear. After all, you’d want to avoid the embarrassment of your partner pointing an accusing finger at you for keeping him or her in the dark about your past.

You might feel that it’d be futile to share details from your past with your partner, especially ones that seem apparently inconsequential. However, if you mean to give your relationship a robust footing, you should come clean as far as your past is concerned. You might have some inhibitions or reservations in narrating certain aspects or episodes from your past, but you should bear in mind that everybody has his or her share of such incidents. You do should well to remember that nobody is perfect.

Your partner will certainly appreciate you as a person if you relate some seemingly trivial details of your past. And if your partner really cares about you or your feelings, he or she will definitely stick with you through thick and thin. On the contrary, not sharing details that you consider insignificant or immaterial will lead to adjustment problems in the long run.

4. Get Talking about Your Family As Well As Your Partner’s

You may want to avoid discussing about your family members with your prospective life partner and might also refrain from talking about his or her family as well. Your explanation for abstaining from discussions about your partner’s immediate family members would be that you’d be spending the rest of your life with your heartthrob and not with them. However, you must not lose sight of the fact that in order to keep your partner happy, you’d have to maintain relations with his or her family members and be on good terms with them.

With a view to not hurting your partner, you might want to steer clear of discussing about any confrontation you may have with your partner’s family. Nevertheless, you should be wise enough to realize that your partner’s well being will be affected by how cordial your relations are with his or her family. You might have a problem getting along with your future mother-in-law be or your partner may feel that your father is too critical about him or her.

Yet the solution does not lie in withholding conversations about each one’s family members. If your partner has already met your family, then you should encourage him or her to be candid in commenting about them. In a similar vein, you should also be frank in airing your views about your soulmate’s family in case you had an encounter with them.

5. Take a Keen Interest in Your Partner’s Pastime

As an individual you have your own interests or hobbies and tend to be very particular about your likes and dislikes. So from that perspective, you might find it quite hard to develop a fascination for your associate’s areas of interest in the initial period. However, one of the best techniques of effectively connecting with your partner is to express a profound interest in his or her hobbies. With time, you’ll see that your partner too has started reciprocating in a similar manner by showing an avid interest in your likes and dislikes.

6. Clearing the Air With Regards to Canards and Rumors

The nature of your relationship with your partner should be such that you’re able to talk freely about almost all those issues that both of you think should be discussed transparently. However, that surely does not imply that you should come out in the open about everything. But you should attempt to clear the air about any rumors you may have heard about your partner from the grapevines. Resist or desist from the temptation of rushing to a conclusion regarding your partner just on the basis of canards or hearsay.  Rather, you should try to dispel all your doubts by communicating clearly with your associate regarding the same.

7. Get Talking About Sex                      

Though sexual encounters would be an integral part of your relationship as far as your partner is concerned, you’d find it embarrassing to converse about sex. Nevertheless, talking about physical intimacy lucidly with your heartthrob is the only recourse open to both of you if you want to get more out of your lovemaking romps in bed. Since sex is a very sensitive topic to talk or discuss, you’d have to be extremely careful about what you say. You can offer your partner suggestions about how to have a more active orgasm or you ask him or her about how to sustain an intercourse for a longer period. The idea is to comprehend each other’s need for sex in a better way.

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