Things You Should Always Share With Your Boyfriend

Communication is the basis of a relationship. Trust and health of a relationship is completely dependent on how well you are able to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your partner. If you do not share your emotions with your partner, he would not be able to understand what is going on in your mind. The turbulence within your mind would start piling up, resulting in frustration. There could be too many fights if too many things stay in your mind. Of course, this does not mean that you share every minute detail. But, you should make sure you communicate the major things troubling you or making you happy, to your boyfriend. There are certain basic things that your boyfriend should obviously know. Transparency keeps your relationship strong and happy.

sharing with boyfriend

1. Revealing Your Past

A relationship grows strong when it learns to deal with the past. The past, however insignificant it might seem to be, is important in a relationship. It needs to be sorted. When you are honest with your boyfriend, you are giving your relationship a strong base to start with. Remember, everyone has a past and there may be incidents in your past that you would be ashamed or embarrassed of. But, dealing with it allows you to start your relationship afresh. If you do not clear your past, there are chances that it might create problems in the future.

2. Discuss Each Other’s Family

In a relationship that’s running strong, you might have met each other’s family. You should discuss what you feel about each other’s family openly. You should be honest with him about what you feel or think of his family. You both would get a chance to establish each other’s view of the families. You can also take this moment to clear out the misunderstandings that might have existed regarding the families.

3. Discuss Finances

When you think of buying things for your home, you should talk it out with your boyfriend. When you make joint decisions regarding a purchase, you involve your partner. This strengthens the relationship. It allows him to realize that you are serious about him and about your future together. Huge purchases needs to be done as a team without making the other partner feel ousted. A team always works better than an individual. When you look at life as a team, you will feel your relationship growing merrier. You could even be open about all your finances and the expenses you incur on a regular basis. Some girls feel that the guy does not need to know their expenses. But, such things when discussed help in future. If you have some monetary problems, your boyfriend can come to your help. Always remember that the other person can have better suggestions for a healthy financial life.

4. Don’t Overhear the Outside Sources

There are many who just love to spoil a happy relationship. They are called rumour mongers. Make sure when such people come and tell you something about your boyfriend, you do not believe them blindly. You can tell you boyfriend about the rumour you heard and, allow him to tell you the truth. Remember, you are to share your life with your boyfriend and, what he says is what is to be believed. Jumping to conclusions is easy, what is tough is maintaining the strength of the relationship.

5. Health Issues; Discuss First

If you have any health related problems, you should ideally discuss it with your boyfriend first. He has a right to know what is wrong with you. He may even help you decide what course of action you should take. Don’t think that it will cause your boyfriend stress if he knows that you are ill. If you do not tell him about your health, somewhere you are pointing out that he will not be able to take care of you. In fact a relationship grows well when partners are together in illness and in health. So, make sure you don’t ruin a good relationship by avoiding such discussions.

6. Discuss Your Work

You don’t need to discuss every aspect of work, like what you had for lunch today or maybe what you girls gossiped about. But, you surely need to discuss the pressures at work. You might feel that you would trouble your boyfriend by discussing such issues. But, work pressures cause stress in a relationship when they are not discussed. He might even help you deal with the stress at work place. These discussions ideally get the partners close to each other. Talking solves most issues in life. This is something that most couples should realize.

7. Your Partner’s Interests

Most times both partners have different interests and hobbies. Try to involve yourself in your boyfriend’s interests. There may be some hobbies that might not really interest you but, once you try to involve yourself in it you might develop interest. Sharing that activity time helps get you people closer.

8. Discuss Your Day

Discussing your day helps strengthen that bond you share. Both partners should take 10 minutes to just discuss the day in general. You could discuss about what you did at wok or in general. Allow your partner to do the same. It has become sought of a ritual that you should follow in order to stay together forever.

9. Spend a Day Together

It should be more like a ritual than anything else. Take a day out in the week where you and your boyfriend spend some time together. In fact that day should be solely for your boyfriend. Do not entertain anyone else at that time. You need that day or time to de-stress your relationship and mae a difference in your relationship with your boyfriend. Go out for a dinner date or maybe to a nearby spot where you can spend time together.

Understanding the importance of sharing and communicating helps build a strong relationship. Never underestimate the need or power of communication in relationship.

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