Things To Do When You Are Hungry And Have No Food

We’re all living in an era where you take it for granted that you’ll be able to at least afford four square meals a day. That also holds true for almost everybody else.  Thanks to the technological strides made in all industrial and commercial segments including of course the agricultural, farming implements, and food processing sectors, nearly all raw and processed foods are now within everyone’s reach. Therefore, you would rarely find yourself in a situation where you might have to go without food for a long time except under extraordinary circumstances.

At home, whenever you feel hungry, you just have to reach for the refrigerator and pull open the door to help yourself to the yummiest of food items stacked in different shelves. In case you don’t have anything worthwhile to eat when at home, you just have to call up your local pizza parlour or food joint to order your choice dish. But do you know how it feels to go without food for long hours? Have you ever been in a situation when you had to go hungry for a long period?

Starvation is still a reality for millions of people around the world even in the 21st century. So, for every individual who has more on his platter than he can consume, there are ten people who do not have the wherewithal to buy even one meal in a day. Surprisingly enough, even the developed economies of Europe and North America have a growing tribe of people who often go hungry or have to make do with little food occasionally.

You never know when you might find yourself in circumstances where you’ll be left pining for food and find yourself suffering from hunger pangs. It can happen when you go out camping in the countryside where you run out of food and finding anything edible might become really tough. The chances of your worst nightmare coming true is equally possible when you find yourself without food right in your home and you also don’t have the money to order a takeaway.

If you ever have to confront a state of affairs where you don’t have anything to eat, are you going to starve yourself to death? Even an ordinary human being becomes extraordinary when he finds himself under such circumstances. The history of mankind is replete with instances where an individual went without food for days and yet remained alive. You either may or may not be aware of the things to do when you are hungry and have no food.

Things To Do When You Are Hungry And Have No Food

1. Drink As Much Water As You Can

Whenever you find yourself in an occasion where you are left craving for food in vain, then drink as much water as possible. If you’re in home during such an eventuality, then stock as many bottles of water as you can. In case you are planning a camping trip or a long and arduous trek that’ll require you to go far away from a town or city, then carry sufficient bottles of water with you.

The stock should last long enough for the entire period of your trek or trip. Drinking water whenever you are hungry gives you a feeling of fullness even though that sensation of completeness is only temporary. Even though you may somehow pull yourself along without food for days, you might die from dehydration if you do not have water for 3-4 days.

2. Scramble A Meal from Available Supplies

Sometimes when you become too hungry, you’re not able to think clearly. It happens with almost everybody. So, the next time when you are tormented by paroxysms of hunger, just keep your cool and scrupulously search for food items first in the larders of the kitchen and then in the refrigerator. If you still can’t find anything worthwhile to chew on, then rummage the rest of the house.

Be optimistic and you’ll surely find something to eat. Most of us, more often than not, stock up extra quantities of vegetables, fruits, and meats or keep aside a portion of the same for guests or friends that drop in occasionally without notice. You can rustle up a good meal from your emergency stock and have your fill. Preparing a meal will keep you occupied and at the same time you get a chance to check your culinary skills.

3. Consider Going To A Relative’s Or A Friend’s Home

Yes, sometimes it is as simple as that. If you’re starved and there is no food in your house, you can consider going over to a relative’s place who you may have not visited in a long time. You can make it a point to stay put for a long enough time to be asked for lunch or dinner. You know that if you remain in your relative’s home for quite a long time, you’ll definitely be requested to join them in their repast.

You can also think about visiting a close friend of yours if he or she stays nearby. Since that individual happens to be an intimate mate of yours, you won’t have any inhibitions in telling him or her that you’re starving. He or she’ll definitely fix a good meal for you. So, the best thing about visiting the home of a friend is that you don’t have to wait till lunchtime to quell your hunger pangs.

4. Drop In At A Restaurant

There is no point in going hungry when you run out of food in your house as there are so many restaurants and eateries in the vicinity of your home. There used to be a time when there used to be so few eateries or cafeterias in your city that you could count them on your hand. However, nowadays there are more than a couple of restaurants or food joints in almost every neighbourhood.

So, the next time you start feeling famished, just dress up and walk out of your home, to find a restaurant or eatery that suits your pocket. It would be the height of idiocy to unnecessarily starve yourself when you know that you can always walk down to the cafeteria or food station in your locality. Depriving yourself of food by being lazy or indolent might prove to be harmful for your health.

You don’t need to be extravagant by ordering a costly dish from the menu. Don’t lose sight of the fact that your primary goal is to satisfy your hunger, so opt for a dish that fills up your stomach. Always remember that hunger is the best sauce.

5. Order A Meal Or Dish

Another convenient alternative of satiating your hunger is by ordering a hamburger or pizza from a fast-food joint. You also have the convenience of ordering your favourite dish from a restaurant that you visit oftentimes with your friends on weekends or on your way back from work. These days, almost all restaurants, fast food joints, cafeterias, bistros and all other types of eateries have provisions for home delivery.

There are some specific upsides to ordering a home delivery. Firstly, you get to choose from a plethora of promotional offers extended by umpteen restaurants or eateries that compete with each other for more customers. Secondly, you get to relish your meal in the cool confines of your home. And if the place from where you are ordering is located nearby, your food packet is delivered within minutes.

6. Try To Get Some Sleep

Trying to get some sleep when your stomach is churning due to hunger is a time-tested technique of getting some interim relief. Just take one or two glasses of water and stretch out on the bed or the sofa when you can’t find anything worthy to eat and feeling very tired as well. Lying down on your back can give you some respite even though it may be short-lived. When you feel refreshed enough to pull yourself out of bed, you can walk down to your local grocery or food store and get something to eat.

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