Things that May Go Wrong at a Wedding

Despite all your meticulous preparation and planning everything to the last detail, wedding disasters or mishaps can and do happen. And you can never tell in what or how many different ways, a disaster may erupt out of turn. The worst part of it all is that you can never be fully prepared to avert a mishap from happening.

There’s hardly anything you can do if your wedding photographer turns up late with that hackneyed and trite cliché that he was caught up in a traffic jam from which he could not wriggle out. What can you possibly do at the umpteenth hour if the hors d’oeuvres served are different from what you’d asked for?

It would be too optimistic on your part to expect that your wedding caterer would be in a position to make the necessary replacements on such a short notice without the guests noticing it. The upshot of it all is that you should be mentally geared up for nuptial disasters so that when a small or trivial mishap does actually take place, you should be able to take it in your stride without your invitees getting any wind of it. It may seem somewhat odd to you to suggest that more often a wedding might become worth remembering or recalling because of the disaster(s) than anything else. Although you wouldn’t (or anybody else for that matter) like your wedding to be remembered for the wrong reasons, people are more likely to talk about receptions marked by mishaps than those which passed off peacefully.

Following are the roster or list of things that might go wrong at a wedding. If your marriage is on the cards, you can take precautionary measures to prevent these ‘mishaps’ from happening. In case, if any of these disasters do occur on your D-day, you can always take steps to make them blend with the overall setup so that your guests remain blissfully ignorant.

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1. Wedding Trousseau Disasters

Just imagine your plight when the stitching in the neckline or waistline in your wedding gown becomes loose or comes off when your father is walking you up the aisle. Or it could happen that your groom’s specially tailored wedding suit is ill-fitting or has stains or spots on it that become readily visible when viewed from a distance.

To insure against such wardrobe malfunctions at the opportune moment that might leave you red in the face and totally embarrassed, you should go for a dress trial much before the actual event. This gives you the space and the time to make any alterations you’d like to. Additionally, you can keep a sewing kit, chalks or stain wipers handy for quickly stitching up a hem that comes unstuck or wiping clean a stain or a blemish.

2. Wedding Favours Going Out of Favour

Inspite of shopping for an eclectic array of wedding gifts or favours after carefully considering the tastes and preferences of all your guests to whom you’ve sent out invitations, they might leave without taking the mementoes. There could be any number of reasons for your invitees not accepting the same.

It could be because they didn’t like what was on offer. Or, they left because they were not aware of the fact you had wedding favours ready for them. You can put a postscript at the end of the wedding card reminding your invitees to take their gifts along with them before they take leave.

3. Weather Woes

Of all the wedding catastrophes that you can think of, nothing can be more inconveniencing or disastrous than the woes associated with weather. And the ‘unpredictability factor’ linked to weather can add to the discomfiture and awkwardness. Since you cannot stop the skies from opening up or make the weather stay pleasant and breezy during the height of the summer, you can always schedule your wedding during the fall or winter.

But if your reception has been fixed either in the summer or monsoon months and nuptial invitations have already been sent, you can keep umbrellas ready or make the necessary arrangements for keeping your guests dry.                   

4. Makeup Fiascos

You may not give much thought to how you’d look on any given day but it goes without saying that you’d like to present your best face on your wedding day. That’d mean hiring the most sought after beautician in town who’d use the best quality cosmetics, face powders and gels and other makeup materials. Make sure that he or she gives you a facial that is not overdone but makes you look sober yet radiant. The makeup on the whole should be such that it gels with your wedding trousseau and jewellery. The idea is to keep your makeup from fading or wearing off as you take the steps to the altar.

5. Wedding Card Blunders

You’ll observe from experience that errors and blunders have a habit of creeping into places where you least expect them or where they’re most unlikely to happen. And as far as marriages and weddings are concerned, typo errors crawling into wedding cards are not unheard of.

In spite of your taking painstaking efforts in drawing up a comprehensive guest list and ascertaining that the names, addresses and contact numbers of all your invitees have been spelt correctly, your designated printer can goof up. One way to make certain that such ‘slips’ or ‘gaffes’ don’t occur is to design and print your own invitation cards but that’d be a very exhaustive procedure and eat into your quality time. So the most fitting remedy under such circumstances would be to overlook small or minor printing mistakes that are essentially trivial and might be inconsequential.

6. Wedding Feast Catastrophes

Wedding disasters have a peculiar and weird way of putting you into shame and embarrassment at critical junctures. All your invited guests have arrived and you’re almost through with your weddings vows. Your invitees are looking forward to feast on a sumptuous spread.

When they’re almost midway into their meal, your caterer announces that he is running short of desserts as it has been heavily consumed.  Instead of going hammer and tongs at your caterer, you can accept the situation with equanimity and instruct him to serve lesser quantities.

There are many other aspects that can go wrong with a wedding and you’d run of your wits on trying to list down all the possible marriage mishaps.  The best strategy would be to confront any wedding woes that occur abruptly with presence of mind and calmness.           

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